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This blog is maintained by Evonne and Don who got together on 20 November 2004

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Just read WT's and JY's blog entry,
so coincidental, both to be on looks, both past and present.

and so coincidentally, Dear & I attended a friend's sister's weeding where they showcased old photos of them since they were young.
Dear exclaimed that he must go dig all those old photos when his time comes,
While I had the anxiety of showcasing my old look.

When I confessed to him,
He even laughed at my hair-style( no style at all).
so bad.

See la,
I dun think anybody can win me in terms of my old school look!

Would love to put some photos here, but most of them are hard copy.
so can't "showcase" my lovely BOOMZ look here...

e-learning makes workload accumulate..
although I have been accumulating it myself,
so I got nobody to blame.

The only thing I like about it is that I get to copy what the lecturer said at my own leisure.
So leisure until I took close to 3hrs to complete CM4261 webcast!

time for school again tmr.
Shiet my data is still undone!

-the end-

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