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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Officially 3 weeks and 4 days to exams... ...


It's sooner than I thought...

It's already thursday of the week..


Haven seen dear for 4 days..

Wonder what is he busy with..

Maybe he's too tied up with exams..

Mental Notes to myself:

(a) Vertical Marathon Goodie Bag Collection - 8th November

(b) CM 3292 Quiz - study! (but study what??!)

(c) CM3292 Practical Exam - Act Zai!!  I am Zai!!

(d) CM3242 CA II - bore to death by all the instrumentation

(e) CM3222 CA II - means exams is in a weeks time! yikes!

(f) Official Vertical Marathon Day - 16th November ( I hope I can make it... ...)

(g) Dear's exams will be over and he is going OBS... while I am still struggling to keep afloat with my exams... *sad*

back to Dr Toh's 闷死你 notes..... 救命啊!!!

♥ UncleDon & AuntieVon Scribbled ♥

Monday, October 27, 2008

Haven really been blogging have I...
Dear has been the one updating this space and trying to keep it alive..

Posts are getting fewer these days and the posts seem to have a greater date lag in between (if you happen to notice..)

Been really busy with the opening of GlamRags..
For those who are not updated (most of you shouldn't be cos I kinda broadcasted it), GlamRags was officially founded on 17 Oct 2008!
Managed by Me, Jing Yeen and Wenting, it's a blogshop that sells apparels...
I know I know what you are thinking right now...
Blogshop AGAIN!!
Yes opening a blogshop is like an overblown bubble on the market and it's really getting very competitive...
But what we really wanted was to just have a place to share with people what we feel is nice and how we think dressing up is the best way for a girl to bring out the best in her..
We really want GlamRags to be a place where people can shop comfortably..
As shoppers ourself, we understand the despair you face online-shopping because there are simply some blogshops that deliver poor quality goods..
GlamRags ensure that this will not ever happen because we do quality control and would never ever try and cheat you of your money...

Not even two weeks into our debut, we already launched out 2nd collection!!
We agree that the first collection was a little hard-up on variety, but check out our 2nd collection! there's really a whole range for you to choose from..
although we did announced the opening to all the ppl we know, sales are not overwhelming much to our own disappointment...
friends are not really supporting us and it really gets me thinking what is wrong with our stuff?
so for all those reading this, if there's something you wish to see at GlamRags, please comment k..
We would be happy to improve on it...

But on the lighter note, we still wish to thank all those who supported and that's why we created the second promotion for you!!
Hope you can continue to support GlamRags and we hope to bring you more exciting stuff!!

Nuff bout mine stuff and smth on dear's Createbox..

Have to get a gift for your love ones but want it to be more personalised?

Try Createbox, many of my friends tried it and they are happy with the results...

so until the nxt post..
im outta here..

♥ UncleDon & AuntieVon Scribbled ♥

Friday, October 24, 2008

About the Completion of Our FM,DF project!
Yesterday marks the end of our Financial Management Project!
We submitted the last essay and yup thats the end of it!

Took some pictures!

From left: Amanda, Ashwini, Me , Daniel

Bah..Exams are coming..sucks

♥ UncleDon & AuntieVon Scribbled ♥

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

About how i was born to tell you "I Love You"
This post is dedicated to auntievon.

This song is dedicated to auntievon

This Message is dedicated to auntievon

Dear i designed your "pea green" file today. As i drew, i realized that it had been such a long long time since i last wrote a love letter, or drew your name for you. Hmm...and i realized how we have become so busy with our stuff lately. You are probably sitting in the lecture room as i outlined the design with my marker...miss you.

Just want to tell you i will be there for you k dear? i'll will find time for you.

Hope you like the design on this file ya...remember those pigs that i always drew for you in JC?
Here it is again...

This Design is created for auntievon

This is uncledon, waiting for auntievon to come on home.


♥ UncleDon & AuntieVon Scribbled ♥

Sunday, October 19, 2008

About the SCAB!!

im a super huge fan of short films. So i stumbled upon this on youtube.
Its a video for: Tropfest Australia 2008 Finalist Film! Directed by Koichi Iguchi

Take a look, you will be entertained.


About My latest Custom Cap
Here it is. On sale at http://www.createbox.blogspot.com/

uncledon out.

♥ UncleDon & AuntieVon Scribbled ♥

Friday, October 17, 2008

About the reason why "We call 995 In Case Of Fire"
Week has passed with new developments. Auntievon and me were busy with our own stuff and have not had time to update this space...

I will now attempt to summarize the week on this single post.


Auntievon recently went into partnership with 2 of her friends, Jingyeen and Wen Ting. To bring you ladies out there a convenient way of shopping. With a blogspace only worthy of trendy apparels from tops to dresses, they announced the launch of the online store on 17 Oct 2008.

Launch day saw heavy traffic to the site. Stuff were so hot that sales were made on the first day.Many joined Glamrag's mailing list

Don't be left out! Jump onto the bandwagon for the "hip and trendy". These girls put together, will definitely dish out more style than you could ever imagine.


PS: i don't get paid for this.

About CRE.

Well in a quiet corner somewhere, Uncledon dedicated a site for customized stuff. Well, probably up to showcase and sell my works. Show your support here.


New cap design will be uploaded 19/10/2008.

About Minor in Entrepreneurship

Booyah! got selected for it!


Congratulations! I am pleased to welcome you as one of the specially selected candidates for the Minor in Entrepreneurship - Yr2008/2009 Semester 1.

nugh said.

♥ UncleDon & AuntieVon Scribbled ♥

Saturday, October 11, 2008

About How the Sky ate the Human

Done using Acrylic paint, Paint Markers and a plastic bag full of glue.

(got to full view to see this clearly)

If you are wondering what are those words found all over the slip on.
They are lyrics to the song:

Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet - Fall Out Boy
I'm super addicted to this song.

This song was played throughout the making of this slip on.

This slip on will be on sale. Price to be confirmed.


♥ UncleDon & AuntieVon Scribbled ♥

Sunday, October 5, 2008

A week ZOOM-ed past ever since the start of semester PartII..
Been going to the study centre whenever I can with UncleDon to do some revision.
Been a busy week for us with all the upcoming events and activities..
So just some random updates that are worthy of comment over the past week:

1. Monday was first physical lab.. our dear Dr Fan Yipit is so nice to just openly tell off a girl for climbing up onto a stool to look at the burette!! the girl got so red with paiseh-ness!!! my gosh! such a bad start for her.. Anyways, physical lab was a chore and my data is quite off.. sigh! miss the days of Anatlytical lab..

2. As usual, late night lessons on tuesdays. But surprisingly, I dun really mind. At the end of the day, I am all relaxed and I really just treat it like a chatting with JY every lecture! HAHA.. and after the lesson will always have some nice friends to walk to the bus-stop and travel home with.. So I really dun have much to complain about...

4. Wednesday was Hari Raya. So my tuition was cancelled. But since my mind was so preoccupied with stuff, I actually jumped dunring dinner at 8pm, thinking that I have forgotten about tuition!! LOL.. siao arh..! 

5. Dental Appointment on thursday cost me a bomb of $100 for filling, cleaning and polishing.. It sets me thinking how much a dentist actually earns for just filling sveral grams of phosphorus in my tooth and 'brushing' my teeth in a more rigorous manner. the whole procedure was done in about half and hour and ka-ching $100 richer!! $100 is $10 more than what I earn from 2 sessions of tuition which i have to put in 3 hrs effort!!! Hai... Dentists are so filthy rich...

6. Friday was nth much. Except that it marks the end of teaching for As. Prof Khoo SB. Im so sad lor... He was such a very nice man and also lecturer. Without him, I could never have understand the Electrochemistry!! Now I shall live in nitemare again as the next (cannot make it) lecturer takes over..

7. Saturday was off to study centre with UncleDon. Once again, we both adorn Green outfit!! HAHA.. After that we just had to collect the new specs that UncleDon made. It was such nice specs...

8. Sunday, spent doing lab rpt.. Die my readings are so off... 

And so the week passed, and tmr is another lab session.. But at least I get to see UncleDon. So I am a happy girl..

♥ UncleDon & AuntieVon Scribbled ♥