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Thursday, July 31, 2008

it was THE trip to City Plaza yesterday, we took a half an hour bus ride on Bus 51 straight to the doorstep of City Plaza. We had lunch at Arnold's Fried Chicken Outlet, and had to queue because of the lunch crowd. We din even know to take number first or to queue to take number. In the end we took No. 16!!! and they were only calling No. 10... so we just stand around in the crowded doorway to wait for our turn... We keep telling ourself that it better be good!! Wah lao!! In the end, it was damn good lor.. like way better than KFC.. I mean not to say KFC is not good lah, it is finger-licking good after all mah!! LOL.. But this Arnold's fried chicken is like even better than finger-licking good!!! so after a satisfied lunch, we started on our adventure.. We KIV-ed so many items and in the end never buy much.. I mean Pq bought lah.. I din even buy ANYTHING!!! Come on lor.. where got Wholesale price sia!! everything that we ask for price is like $30+++ region.. although can bargain but at most the price came down to is like $25??!! I might as well shop at Bugis Street.. Yea so the place for a great disappointment for me and Pq..

We den left at ard 4+ to head to Queensway Shopping Centre cos I wanted to buy my green (YES IT'S GREEN AGAIN!!) Nike water bottle.. and also get some sports singlet.. the bus ride from City Plaza to Queensway Shopping Centre took another 35mins plus.. so we were quite tired when we reach there.. Luckily I got wad I wanted.. But there was this really lovely female slip-ons that I want... But there wasn't my size anymore!!! HMMPH!! and it was only $18!! Since I din wanna buy pink colour, Pq bought her second pair of shoes that day LOL.. And is I hai her one, cos actually will not pass by that shop.. We made a detour cos I wanted to go to some "Classic Primitive" shop... hahah!! So sorry man Pq!! So I bought one of my singlet from an Indian shopkeeper with a weird accent while telling me "the price can be cheaper"!! lol.. he was like half-singing... and I bought my green water bottle with a lime green singlet at another store together.. The store-keeper was very burly and fierce. I tried to ask for discount mah, so he say the water bottle he can give me for $21.. but the singlet no more discount.. And I was scared if I say dun buy, he will whack me lor!! So i guai guai took the money out la..

Den we head to IKEA for meatballs!! they were damn good!! LOL.. like some sua gu!! we were both very tired already but STILL wanna go take pictures hahaha!!! and den i suddenly rmb!!! I paid $10 less for the water bottle and singlet!!! OMG!!! means my water bottle only cost like what $11!!!!! it's even less than the small water bottle lor.. but I not gu-yi one... it's he never count the money lor... and I really really really din noe I gave him short.... But anyway I am still happy!!!!!! cos I got a bargain!!!!

Hahaha..going for overnight stay at school later... im so tired!! from the consecutive trips out everyday...

u noe why i put collage? ahahahha lazy to upload so many picture.s.

♥ UncleDon & AuntieVon Scribbled ♥

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Soy-based foods linked to low sperm count
The Straits Times - Mind your Body.

"Eating half a serving a day of soy-based foods could be enough to significantly lower a man's sperm count".

Ouch, nasty huh?

No. Soy-based foods do not contain platoons of sperm killers. But they do contain a "plant form of the female sex hormone oestrogen known as phytoestrogen" , which when present in higher amounts reduce sperm production .And to a male, you wouldn't want too much oestrogen in your body. Well just when i thought it will not be that bad, the article read "The difference was striking. Men in the highest intake category had 41 million sperm per mililitre less than men who ate no soy foods" Even before the battle begins, you lose 41 million sperm per mililitre, thats no morale booster to your other sperm-soldiers huh? So i guess i will probably think twice before stepping into Jollibean in future. You never know if your fittest sperm dies because of you enjoying a bowl of selegie dao huay.

Hmm. To females, soy-products are good! Makes you a whole lot more... female.

Well, moving on. Today we celebrate the birthday of....ROAD HUMPS! damn right.
30 July 1980. The Public Works Department started constructing road humps today in five residential estates under a scheme to keep speeding in check. Estates were chosen because they were used as shortcuts for drivers to speed through. Today, we see the hump almost everywhere in Singapore.
So from this blog to the road outside, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROAD HUMPS!

♥ UncleDon & AuntieVon Scribbled ♥

Monday, July 28, 2008

took a trip to Labrador Park..
tot could have a good picture-taking session..
but the place wasn't very scenic..
just lots of trees...
and lots of mosquitoes!!!!!!!
until buay tahan...
faster run..
never going there again..


to satisfy my craving, dear and I went to Chin Huat Steamboat at Thomson Road..
easily accesible by the North-South MRT line..
Yes, this is the one previously located at Marina South..
But it has since re-located..
For a flat fee of $18.90 for dinner buffet, u get a spread of seafood, meat, starters, appetisers, dessert..
and unlike the past, where u have to sweat under the heat of bbq on the dirty and oily aluminium foil,
it has all changed..
now u get an air-conditioned place, and u only need to choose what u want to eat..
cos they have personnels to either bbq or do the teppanyaki for you..
so all you have to do is basically eat..
and the service is quite good, with ppl refilling the soup for u every now and then..
the steamboat is the yuan yang style, with normal base and tom yam base..
well dear did a pretty good job of cooking the soup..
he added lots of corn into the soup and made it super duper sweet!!!
and the dessert was quite good..
dear like the eclair..
and the banana was damn shiok!!!
free flow somemore..
dear even da baoed one banana to eat on the go..
after being totally full, me and dear started going crazy..
tried to talk loudly above other ppl's voice..
lol.. trying to be annoying..
when waiting for the ever long 72 queue at YCK interchange, we were reminded of our times in AJ..
and dear said that ppl waiting for 72 all had the same face..
all had the waiting face lol..
there's also this couple sitting behind us..
their conversation kept us entertained all the way home..
plot even better than the tv serial drama lol!!
yeap.. pictures pictures pictures..


Posted by Picasa

♥ UncleDon & AuntieVon Scribbled ♥

Friday, July 25, 2008

walking round and round in Far East Plaza, having nothing in mind..
troubled by module stuff..
walking into shops and browsing in nothingness..
lost at what to buy with the increasing inflation..
keep stopping in shops to talk about our own issues..
think we should stop doing that to avoid the anger of the shopkeepers..
since it was gloomy and rainy..
we braved the rain to wisma..
there I got the Perfect deal for a chiffon skirt at only $15.90!!!!
after lingering about a little longer, we made our way to Bugis despite the rain cos we seriously needed to get something decent..
at last our effort were not wasted and got everything within our budget comfortably!!
call me the Shopping Queen!!
Nicely done Auntie Von!
so after some logistics and admin work done, we made our way to city hall to meet the Tai-Tai..
Sakae had such a long queue.. had to wait for like 15mins to get the seat..
It was the most difficult meal we had in years..
I always hated when we had to decide wad modules to take and drop despite the lack of choices..
so after some self-convincing act and dis-illusion..
we finally came to a decent plan..
hopefully all goes well..


shall see my uni peeps tmr in celebration of Ming Hui's belated 21st birthday..
it has been long since the last meeting which was er...
Jing Ying's birthday..
kinda nice to have people's birthday..
like a nice time to have some get-together..
never too many birthdays huh...


♥ UncleDon & AuntieVon Scribbled ♥

Listening to: Blur - Coffee & TV
Thinking about: the race tonight and how unprepared we are.
Consoled by: telling myself that i will have fun tonight!
Unhappy about: missing the last episode of The Legend.
About to: fill in my indemnity form for the race tonight.
Waiting for: Nicholas to reply me on msn.
Maybe going to: re-print my notebook cover, the last print job was a little too dark.
Read about: The fact that we actually see with our brains and not with the eyes.
Wondering about: how true is this: Global Warming is a Swindle. An anti-globalisation propaganda.
Watched: Journey to the Centre of the Earth
Felt that: it was a 2/5 movie. to me its nothing more than a downhill-brainless-rollercoaster ride. Not worth the watch.

Well, its pretty obvious that with the lack of action and camera, there isnt much to blog about.

♥ UncleDon & AuntieVon Scribbled ♥

Thursday, July 24, 2008


The Happy traveller followed the wind,and stumbled upon a land called Happy Affair.
In that land, the moutains and hills are aliveand had cactus as horns.
There he saw the King of the Red Peas.
"Welcome to the Land of Happy Affair!" said the King of Red Peas.

New notebook design is now out!
Anyone interested in grabbing the newly released notebook? Well, uncledon and auntievon
will not hesistate to throw in some freebies for you!

Same thing applies:
A5 size
30 white pages
5 coloured pages
1 black page
3 illustrated pages (glossy)
1 plastic front cover + 1 cardboard backing.

Don't worry if you prefer the mid page designs of the first notebook! uncledon and auntievon are flexible and will mix and match designs at no extra charges!

So don't be shy! Drop us a note!

Uncledon will like to thank aunitevon today for sponsoring the shopping trip today!
Thanks dear for the $100 shopping "voucher".
In total, I bought 7 t-shirts and 2 berms.
Happy day with the shopping queen.
*apologies for the lack of photos. my camera is currently on loan to my cousin who is in Hong Kong!*

♥ UncleDon & AuntieVon Scribbled ♥

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


0945: meet dear for swimming at Hougang Swimming Complex

1145: finish swimming, bathe and headed for lunch and SingPost to mail stuff

1345: meet Wenting at Lavender to get pay cheque and pei her eat lunch

1500: go YUM CHA at Chinatown for high tea buffet with the UNstoppables!!

1745: left YUM CHA to head for Plaza Singapura to check movie slots

1800: ran into Dan just outside box office

1815: failed to get Red Cliff tix, left in disappointment

2030: reach home tired and happy

♥ UncleDon & AuntieVon Scribbled ♥

New Notebook Cover: Happy Traveller!

Happy traveller will be more than happy to bring you around.
He seeks directions with his happy flower stalk, and The pea with the dandelion.
Together they move towards the wind.

Stay tune for designs of the middle pages.

♥ UncleDon & AuntieVon Scribbled ♥

Monday, July 21, 2008

Upcoming Events!

Here are some events that i'll be participating in! check this out.

N.E.X.T Challenge 2008
Date and Time: 26 July 2008 , 7:30pm - 27 July 2008, 4:00pm
Top Prize: $3000 worth of cash
Team members: Daniel, Kenrick, Nicholas, Wan Yi, Don.

Eyes on the prize man. With $3000 to be won, we have to win it. Though my confidence went down a notch when i read the details of the race.

I can hear auntievon say: "You die..your sense of direction so bad."
Nonono, but little did she know that during the night i will transform into a powerful beast with eyes of night vision and an in-built GPS system...
Seriously...die la..
PS: anyone reading joining this race? Please leave a tag of your name and your members, so that we can send a team of specially trained monkeys to silence your @ss.

Next event!

Paintball Face Off!
Details: Many years of bad blood between Daniel and me has spark off a one-off event to settle the scores. With pride and the chance to be the alpha male of the pack,we have everything at stake to be the victor in this battle.
Date and time: 9 Aug 2008 (projected)
Fees: $50 each
Members: 5v5, Members are still being recruited on both sides.
Lock and Load!

♥ UncleDon & AuntieVon Scribbled ♥

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy 3 years 8 months dear! Love you more and more!

Mega Sunday Post!
Listening to: Mew - The Zookeeper
Mood: Happy
Drinking: Water
Eating: -

I did these on a Sunday Morning:

Read Sunday Times.
Cleaned up hamster aquarium.
Read some toy reviews on Toysrevil, came across a really cool trailer!

Booyah! The Watchmen! Yet another "superhero" kind of movie.
ok seriously i have no idea who they are and stuff. but what do you know? we got till 2009 to read up about them, yup we better do. Don't want to be left out when the movie hits our cinema next year.
See trailer here:

While at Movie trailers. Here is another! A local Production said to "kick" us on 21 August 2008.
The Kallang Roar! Story is about the legendary 1977 Malaysian Cup winning team. Enough said.

See trailer below:


Oh read up and saw the videos of our new NDP music video and how a certain scene is copied from a Japanese Ad. Yup, theres no doubt about the uncanny resemblance between the 2 videos. Well, changing the colour from black to red and the picture of a whale to a star do not make the video any creative and original.

3 boo's

See Videos here:

NDP Music Video
Japanese Ad Council - "The Whale"

Currently working on the next notebook cover design. Rather, i've completed the cover, will be doing the middle pages.

Will mail out Happy Robot notebooks to Kai Qing and Winona tomorrow!

I did some promotional pictures of the notebook too:

Anyone of you who are interested do drop us a note ya?

♥ UncleDon & AuntieVon Scribbled ♥

Bintan trip!!!

had to go on a business trip with Wenting on Friday.. It was some kind of corporate team-building trip.. so we are the facilitators to go there and help out.. the activities were carried out at Loola Resort.. We set off early in the morning to Tanah Merah ferry Terminal to catch the 8.50am ferry to Tanjung Pinang at Bintan.. the ferry ride was almost 2hrs and we had to take another 1 and a half hour car ride to Loola Resort. The road was really long and winding, with only occasional vehicles zipping by on the country-side roads.

when we finally reach Loola, we were welcomed by the staff there, all local Indonesians.. The served us home-cooked lunch.. before we know it, the food was all gone!! so the friendly and ever-helpful Dodi (our guide cum instructor) offered to cook us noodles! so me and wenting were so grateful for the noodles, although they were just some eggs and vegi in it.. but when u are hungry, it's heavenly!! HAHA!!

so after lunch, we set out for the activities, we had ARCHERY.. many of them never did archery before. so it was really an new experience for many.. since we were all newbies, we had arrows flying everywhere during the trial.. some arrows landed in the grasses, on the ground and even high on the bark of the coconut trees!! but the local helpers picked back all the arrows for us without any complain, so nice of them!!

Next activity is kayak formation.. many of them were not keen on kayaking since it sounds dangerous. but after much persuasion from BOSS and the locals telling them that the water is only 1.2m deep, the group set off for their first kayak experience. the feedback was that although it is tiring, it is very fun.. we had them to kayak to the island located around 600m offshore and do a kayak formation there before they could return..

After this we had tea break where the cakes were catered from a family.. the cakes were OOOOOOOOishIIIIII!!!! so traditional and home-made, flavouring is the real taste!! muhaha!! after this is the grand FInale! where we had the four direction tug-of-war. must really thank the locals for helping us set up the game logistics.. seems like they enjoyed the tug-of-war the most!!

we had the locals to bbq for us in the evening, so after dinner, we sent the group to Agro Resort. after that, Dodi brought us to a local restaurant to have some supper.. we then headed back to Loola for a debrief session. it was raining the whole nite. me and wenting was hungry the whole nite, so we woke up real early.. had breakfast and admired the scenery.. the wind was really awesome!! we waited for the tide to come in before we kayak out into the sea.. it was so fun!! i think I will go kayaking in Singapore too.. hehe..there was another singapore couple and also a French couple.. they were so looking forward to all the activities also.. because actually Loola also provides alot of other activities such as Flying Fox, Rock Climbing Obstacle course etc... soon we had to leave the place and take the ferry back to Singapore. Really tired.. but it was really a great trip!!!

♥ UncleDon & AuntieVon Scribbled ♥

Video to Share!

Check this out.

Tokyo Summerland Wave Pool.
This is one is pure epic. Don't ever wana get myself stuck in the middle.

♥ UncleDon & AuntieVon Scribbled ♥

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Notebook updates

We have added 10 Happy notebooks to our stocks.
Latest version of notebook will be as follows:

Size: A5
Number of white pages: 30
Number of coloured pages: 5
Number of black page:1
Number of illustrated pages (glossy): 3
1 Plastic front cover and 1 cardboard backing.

Price: $ 9.90

Please drop a note if you are interested!
View samples of notebook by clicking here: SAMPLE

♥ UncleDon & AuntieVon Scribbled ♥

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I would like to thank dear's family for bringing me on a trip to Johor. Yum yum, such a food-ful trip! Nice to have a change of scenery once in a while huh. Dear's going for another PAID overseas trip this friday!! Have fun auntievon!

Special thanks to all who have showed interested in the notebooks! We found a suitable print-provider today so works will be on the way soon.

We will also include a poem written by Winona! Special thanks to her for coming out with the poem so quickly! She wrote:

oh little robot
look what you've done
stuck to the ground
no where to run.

what's this i see?
happy creatures all around
look little robot!
a happy sight and happy sound!

little robot
you've got a heart
little robot
we'll never part

oh little robot!
night has come
little robot has light!
oh please lend us some!

we love little robot
we are happy together
living in happy forest
living happily forever!

♥ UncleDon & AuntieVon Scribbled ♥

Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Robot, Happy Forest Notebook

Im proud to blog about our side project. A happy notebook for you readers.
Yup, Auntievon and me walked a total of 18000 steps yesterday (i had my counter on, on my handphone) to source for a print shop and various materials to make our notebook project.

Each notebook is 100% handmade, except printing.

2 of such notebook is currently in stock.

Notebook includes the following:
Version 1:$9.90
5x7 inches
4 illustrated pages (glossy print)
25 white pages.
2 black pages

Version 2:$9.90
5x7 inches
4 illustrated pages (glossy print)
15 coloured pages (assorted colours)
10 white pages

Notebook can be purchased on this very site at $9.90.

Kindly drop us a note if you are interested in the notebooks.
If you would like to be part of our project do drop us a note too!
Comments/feedbacks, ideas are also welcomed to help us improve on our project.
Do post any questions on the tagboard.

We thank you in advance for viewing and your support!

♥ UncleDon & AuntieVon Scribbled ♥

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy Robot, Happy Days

Happy robot lives happily forever in the happy forest with the happy creatures!
Printed my pictures and yup was satisfied with the outcome but it was darn expensive.
Here is a sneak peek of whats to come:

♥ UncleDon & AuntieVon Scribbled ♥

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Happy Robot
The Happy Robot loves the Happy creatures of the Happy forest.
When night falls, the happy robot provides light for the Happy creatures.
They are happy.
Listening to: The Submarines - Sub Symphonika
My wireless mouse batteries died on me this morning. When i switched it to USB mode, it gave me this constant spasm. Had a hard time clicking on stuff, half the time it made me click on ads.
If my lazy bones don't trigger today, i may head down to print my stuff on glossy paper. Yup.
thats that for now. i think i should stop blogging in the morning.

♥ UncleDon & AuntieVon Scribbled ♥

Happy Robot
A robot who became rooted to the ground made friends with the creatures of happy forest.
The robot love the happy creatures.
They are happy.

♥ UncleDon & AuntieVon Scribbled ♥

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Still Chilling..

Yup, today i turned down all outings just so that i can fully spend the day at home. Was checking out the latest toy releases on my favourite website Toysrevil , when i stumbled upon an equally cool website. So i thought i share this find with ya'll.

A website where people can share their playlist with the world. But this is the catch, i browsed around a little and i found no stains of mainsteam rock/pop music. Yup thats right, no familiar trashy songs that you hear on the radio everyday. Thats because most songs are all hand-crafted mix. Thats how i like my music. . . different

So only if you are interested, the site is : Muxtape.
And heres is the playlist i had playing all day long today: http://tre.muxtape.com/ (take a listen to this, chill-lax to the max)
Yup, so the internet is the new radio.

♥ UncleDon & AuntieVon Scribbled ♥

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I Love Fish!

Thanks dear for the sushi yesterday, was still eating it this morning. For the last few days i have been out till late, even auntievon called me " the boy who vaguely lives at Blk 624". So i decided to stay home for the next few days...

♥ UncleDon & AuntieVon Scribbled ♥

Sushi again!!!
Had another sushi making session,
this time I made more varieties than the previous time..
Since dear's mother dun like raw stuff, I decided to use tuna as some ingredients this time..
So for now it's just waiting for the comments...

salmon avocado temaki... and also Black pepper tuna temaki (not in photo)..

see daddy with the Temaki.. looking so happy.. and yes he ate it straight after this photo was taken!

the Black Pepper Roll..

and the all time favourite Salmon Nigiri SUSHI!!!

yea and all the rest is the wrapped up Maki sushi...

♥ UncleDon & AuntieVon Scribbled ♥

Monday, July 7, 2008

Currently waiting for dear to finish her lunch so i can go over to visit her...

Yesterday's meeting went smoothly, though we did not clinch the deal. We realized the potential of our products. Our client wanted to make us their suppliers, but we are running short of time.
With 3 of our members entering University and 2 of them enlisting this Friday, we cannot agree.
So we died trying yesterday... But on a whole it was a great experience. We will be trying another outlet soon. Good job team! probably after 3 years we can still come back to finish what we started.

So after a tiring day yesterday we went to Upper Thomson Rd to have Ba Chor Mee. Nice!
And we failed to birthday rape Kang Chng again! Went all the way to Punggol End just to find that place unsuitable for the rape...

Oh yea for the record, we spent the whole of yesterday waiting for the meeting with our client. Great job asking us to meet at 5pm only to push the meeting back to 7pm. So we spent 2 hours chatting about army, all because KC and CY are enlisting this Friday.
And before i end this post i must say this video cracked me up man. Its from Battlefield: Bad Company. For guys, i think its a worth a view.

♥ UncleDon & AuntieVon Scribbled ♥

Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Happy Forest.

Hey mummy, hows your fever today? Get well soon, so you can come over to visit our "babies".
Got a presentation today! Yup, going to present our product to our cilent.
Im having a pretty bad feeling about this. Anyway after tonight its either we got rich or we died trying. I'm heading over to chee house at 11am to prepare.

Damned. Guess im not selected for nbsfoc. haha, must have failed the QC!

Get well soon dear!

♥ UncleDon & AuntieVon Scribbled ♥

Thursday, July 3, 2008

So we went to take a 9km scenic walk on the two new bridges, Henderson Waves and Alexandra Arch. We enjoyed the entire walk, although in total we walked around 6km. Scenery there is simply stunning, with many photo-friendly spots.
Armed with a tripod, auntie von and I took many many shots.
I have to risk my camera from falling off the bridge to capture some of these shots. Lesson to learn over here huh? Bring a bigger tripod.
Here are the pictures!

Auntievon and Uncledon Photoshoot 030708

And so she stood there, looking far into the horizon. I won't give up...the walk to the end.
Damn. Got to rest these legs for the journey ahead.
"auntievon, seriously, you are not that heavy."
You do know they cant see out face right? Don't have to smile on this one.
"You know...we should take more of such rests."

Here are the outtakes for the photoshoot. Yea we took many many shots, till we ran out of poses.
Mind you, those shots are taken under the hot afternoon sun!

Inspired by the Jumping Sentosa Girls!
We jumped too!

That should round up the photoshoot! Thanks dear for the suggestion.
This bridge is a definite must go if you want some great photos.
Well, i bet auntievon will advise you to start walking from the Henderson Rd side. Unless you like climbing UP stairs, you can go ahead and move off from Harbourfront.

♥ UncleDon & AuntieVon Scribbled ♥