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Friday, October 9, 2009








eyes go blur and mind go blank.


Lucky mid-terms are over.

ONLY left with 3 presentations, 2 reports, 1 online quiz to hand in.

Oh ya, University declared e-learning week, resulting in 3 webcasts to follow-up.

WOW, so little things to do right.

start doing doing doing.

never never ending.

Dear been busy too. Very long nvr see him le.


Rats wun be coming until I dunno when.

Hope it comes.

If not what will happen? I dunno.


Great songs to listen to this week:

Zin Tae Hwa - Fallen Angel
NIce concept of MV.

Dream Group from 4 minute, After School, Brown Eyed Girls & Kara collaboration:

And I always LOVE MC Mong, another one song and MV that did not fail me:

SNSD & f(x) did an advert for LG's Chocolate HP:
Preview of the CF, btw that's f(x) songs debuting I think.

No LOusy Good huh hahaha...

The song is available in electronic pop version (2NE1) or the retro-pop version (SNSD), personally prefer the electronic pop version...


Meanwhile, I want to sleep by 2AM.

-the end-

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