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Saturday, September 19, 2009

weekend again! And a long one too!
Lucky I din't have to head back to lab, so I stealed some time to went out on the roads!

Wanted to head to Hard Rock Cafe since Dear haven been there, and I thought he did like it there.
So we went for a little walk around before heading there for dinner.

The Forum has a nice big Toys'r'us.
Seems like they are selling alot of Halloween stuff and Dear even managed to pose with a skull! LOL! Kinds of suits him huh.

There we ordered HRC's Legendary 10Oz. Burger which is really large!
Dear attempted to eat it in a normal burger way but it just sorts of "jek tio" the jaws.
Better not take the risk, just cut it.
The filling was really yummy with cheese, onion rings, bacon and a thick beef batty!
Also order nachos. which is really toooo big a plate for us to finish! So wasted!

Anyway, recently Dear and I bought these 2 bags online. It's only 2 bags right?
But it was sent by Speedpost and there was nobody to receive it at home when it came.
So had to go down to Singpost Paya Lebar to collect it.

Was I shock to see it??
It had came in this (see below):


OMG!! It was only two bags!
This parcel looked as though I bought a Luggage!

And when I ripped it open, it was so shallowly filled that I had to laugh!

It was damn kua zhang!
Macham I got a whole spree loot or smth!

Anyway, I love the bag that Dear has very sweetly sponsored me with!
Very roomy for me to throw my stuff in!

Boo Hoo, no recess week for me!
But I shan't complain because I must really chiong already!
If not no results, dunno how to face Boss in the next Group Meeting already!

It's already Week 6 (ENDED!!), I seriously dun think I will have time to study for Mid-terms.
How sia!

Anyway, today I've got 2 videos to recommend for a good laugh!

No.1 (recommended by Dear), really retarted video but well, it's meant for a good laugh!

No.2 (recommended by Me), if you remember not too long ago, I shared a video of 2ne1's FIRE.
Here is it again to refresh your memory:

Compare with this and I thought it was hilarious!:

HaHa, I should get back to my ppt slides!
UNtil the next post, dun miss me! :)

-the end-

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