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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Week five ended. OMG. wadever.

Managed to catch Moon with Dear even though it means sitting 2nd row from the front.

Had wanted to catch "The Cove" under J&J's recommendation but the timing wasn't correct.
So we caught Moon instead after checking the trailer out.

This film is exclusive at The PictureHouse for the Israel Film Festival.
Got a full house and most of the people in-house are caucasions.
Apparently Moon directed by Duncan Jones scooped the Michael Powell Award for Best New British Feature Film, sponsored by the UK Film Council.
Genre is supposed to Sci-Fic. Am not really in to Sci-Fic but tot that this film was marvellous.!
But then, everything happened either in front of a blue screen or in a studio. Only a one man show plus a robot. LOL.
Try catching it, it's definitely worth the watch if you like some abstract plot and of cos, u love some space-out.

That aside, I am eagerly waiting for my Omnia in Luxury Brown to arrive at my door-step.
Haha, hope it's good cos it's specs are actually quite nice and the budget was within what I could afford.
Black was OOS, so I had to settle for Luxury Brown, which I thought was classy and stylish too!

Been contemplating on those really lovely LOVELY korean heels!
Love the lace-up ones!!
Spotted a few a FEP with JY the other time, but our concern was "what's the probability of wearing it??"
But we have decided that if the next time we go and it's still available, we will buy it!
Dear also said that it's rather cool to wear them, and he said that it is allowed on dates as long as I dun grow taller than him - OH wells, how is that possible?


REALLLY so style!!!!
REALLLY REALLLY so so style!!!!
REALLLY REALLLY REALLLY so so so style!!!!

Dear was bored - drew and cut this! hanging in there I would say haha!!
Very cute!

Finally, check out the Full advert of Lee Minho (Boys over Flowers) and Sandara (2NE1) for the beer Casa.
Why dun we get this kind of ads in SG?

easily half the sunday is over.
Should I get studying.??
Ok obviously the ans is yes!!
But too many stuff to read until I am not quite sure where to start!!!!
Save me!

Looking forward to Month-sary again! :)

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