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This blog is maintained by Evonne and Don who got together on 20 November 2004

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To be married
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Friday, September 25, 2009

Recess week came. and went.

so fast. I spent EVERY single day in lab.
9am to 6pm.

I am like so tired that I my head is empty even though my hands are moving.
Just the other day, I forget to cap the centrifuge cap.
Lucky my samples are intact.

And I wash my hands and dried my hands with paper,
intead of throwing away the paper,
I threw away my handphone pouch which was in the other hand.

in lab, u gotta be alert.
If not, in the end I will get nothing.

I missed Timbre on Tuesday.
Spent a loving evening with my kidneys and livers in the biosafety cabinet.
128 samples.
Painstakingly dried, loving cut and tediously packaged.
I want to eat the pizza.
Hai. I am always so suay.
They just had to come and renovate the shit on that day.
Ended up at home 11PM, shagged.

Woke up next day 6AM.
Travel to sch to collect samples.
Travelled to NIE to prepare samples.
Travelled back to sch to continue lab.
Never ending never ending never ending work.

I feel so lagged compared to peers.
Sometimes you just hate waking up in the morning.
It happens to me.
Here's a few reasons:

(a) 2 mid-terms, 1 assignment, 1 presentation, 2 projects to do BUT no time.
(b) endless readings to do BUT no time.
(c) never ending tired-ness BUT no time.

Side track,
there are really people who annoy you.
No matter what comes out from their mouth,
they just annoy me.
Is it I suay to always let u catch OR
are you simply too alert?

just finish drawing my assingment (111)-(4x4).
too tired to continue and too tired to think of how to write it.
I dun even understand it in the first place.

Here's some videos to watch:

Nice dance moves in that football attire,

dun really particularly like the group but the song is addictive.

another groovy song to get your day going:

mental note to self:
be more alert and be more independent.

jie mei says:
be more optimistic, if not life will be difficult until cannot tahan.

off to bed.

-the end-

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