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Sunday, September 27, 2009

I am back to blogging again.
I hate Sundays.
Cause I can't get much done.

Tuition sucks up half a day.
And I got a box of cookies from them since they just had their Hari Raya.
There's pineapple tarts, almond cookies, honey cornflakes etc..

Currently, the F1 is just vrooming on the TV set.
While I am addicted to MouseHunt, Youtube and basically the Internet.

If you realised this logo today on your Google page,
it's because it's Google's 11th Birthday!
Since I love to google,
I wanna wish Google a Happy 11th Birthday!!

Been eating alot of Mooncake.
I feel like I have gained WEIGHT!!
Alarming news!
I should stop eating too much, already can feel my tummy and face bloating up.
Weighing balance doesn't register a weight gain but I know it's an error.

Anyway, my hands are always itching to get my hands on stylish stuff.
My wardrobe is kind of running dry ( actually already ran dry).
Recently, been into

Korean fashion

They just look effortlessly stylish.
Is it the face or what?

I want their heels, their colourful tops, their outerwears, their skinnies, their boots, their large tote, their hair, their skin, their accessories EVERYTHING!!

Dun worry, I won't go for a plastic surgery!
OOPs, just kidding.! ~

Their stars on stage wear super nice clothings that I lust so much after.
Even if casual, they become stylish.

credits to ELLE.

credits to 2ne1 official website.

I just love the girls from f(x).
They ooze feminity and style all at once.
Not to mention they are tall.
Wadever they wear, is nice.
And how come they can still dance so well, when they are already all dressed up?

Still very much in love with layering my clothes!

IF the weather allows!

credits to allkpop.com

I like this photo by After School.
They are gonna do a shoot for Dressed to Kill.
Bloody site could not be entered.
If not more photos would be available.

Their skinnies are like perfect for their legs.
Not an inch of extra material.
Awwwww ~ totally not lab-ish!

credits to allkpop.com

Something for the guys too!

Lee Min Ho did a shoot for ATTIC from S.T.A.d.
The Vespa is nice.

Pictures credit to gongjunim.wordpress.com

He also did a shoot for Trugen Fall Collection.

Pictures credit to gongjunim.wordpress.com

Anyway, Smokey eye makeup is the latest in Korea right now.
And I am not only talking about the girls doing it.
Check out the guys.

Pictures credit to gongjunim.wordpress.com

And if you remember the Casa Beer Ad, Lee Minho did his eyes in the groovy way too!
Compare the before and after!

Pictures credit to gongjunim.wordpress.com

And I love outerwear!!!
But Singapore's weather is like, the most unsuited to wear outerwear, unless you have an aircon enviroment.
Outerwear just makes everything much more "not sloppy"!

Whenever you can't think of what to wear,
go with an outerwear and you can't be wrong!

Love the picks by 2ne1 for 11st online store!

Been really tempted to shop at GMarket Korea.
Gosh, but it's like in USD and plus shipment.
I have no confidence.

am gonna buy the NUS pullover!
Dear wants a piece too!
HAHAHA I dare him to wear to school!
So red for him, and Olive Green for me perhaps?

f(x)'s LaChaTa:

I should get back to my readings.

Meanwhile, I shall attempt a sloppy look to school.
and try not to look sloppy.

-the end-

♥ UncleDon & AuntieVon Scribbled ♥