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Saturday, August 29, 2009

poof - another week gone.!

I think u.Don has officially left the blogging scene. Perhaps too busy with his stuff to keep up with blogging. Haahha..

So bear with me to keep this blog alive.


lab as usual for the week and I had to pass my NMR test which I am NOT even gonna use.
I dun suppose learning it is any use cos if I am out of practice then I wun rmb how to use it do I?

Finally managed a little progress in my FYP which is like after 3 weeks.
Research is so tiring, so never think that people who get the Nobel Prize has it easy.
They probably dun have life.
Wait - they probably dunno what is life.

Knocked off early on Friday and went to NTU to meet Dear.
We had Western Food at Can14 and also had a lil chat with Ben.
The heart-to-heart talk between men, and I am just a little woman.


Managed to catch this on Saturday:

It was damn funnie.
Even Dear enjoyed the show, despite the fact that I tot it was more of a show for girls.
The plot was very very expected but then it was the comedy in it that was funnie.
And it was really TOOOO easy for them to fall in love, like 3 days to fall in love even tho the guy hated the woman for like 3 years.!

Catch it if you like some laughter.!


I am currently saving up money for this phone!
I like the stylish-ness of it! So cool!!!
I know I am just using the little chip off my phone as an excuse, but if I can get a cheap deal for this phone, I will buy it!

continue to salivate.... salivate over it.!


Been trying to follow up on this HK drama!

But I keep missing parts of it..
Hmmm, why does all the good drama comes after school start!!!


On a side note, a course-mate is TAKEN. I take it from the clues that it means she is getting married cos her Bf proposed! That is so very sweet!
HAHA really so envy of all the girls.
Feel happy for her and it would be so interesting to attend the wedding in time to come lol.


So much for the fun part, when will I get serious in my work?
So starting to feel out of breathe!
16MCs solo FYP is no joke!

That just means all my other modules are put on hold.
And staying 1.5hrs away from campus DOESN'T help - at all!
Just makes me very tired.

Hang in there everybody!
Cos we are in for a wild ride!

Here's G-dragon with Heartbreaker:

just love the super blond eh ~~

heading to Dear's place in 2hrs time, meanwhile surf more Net!

-the end-

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