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Saturday, July 11, 2009

updates updates

attended WT's commencement on Wednesday, after a gruelling battle with STARS for some NTU peeps..
Attending commencement makes me feel like I wanna graduate, gonna miss many once the sem starts..
It was really a mixed feelings kind of thing so I also dunno..
I wonder how it will be like when it is my turn to graduate...

Thursday was a last minute hop to school to meet LF.
apparently got some changes to the procedure in my FYP, so we sort of have a discussion..
the amended content seems to be great, and like more prestigous..
so probably Boss likes it better..
I dunno also..
Gotta do my prep and hope for the best..
Reading journals are mind boggling..
I dun understand the technical stuff...

Friday was our tee trial collection day!
Result was satisfactory!!
Shall be heading ahead with our operation alpha..
but before that must get our finances right!

Saturday was photoshoot plus Fright Night under QN's request.
photoshoot was fun, we managed to do some at the Malaysian Railway along BT, but then we were scared that the man will come and scold us..
so we left quickly..
then we went NP to take.. LOL and we had to brave the rain to get to BTP..
had some nice korean food there and off to the Fright Night..
stupid us got off one stop too early, and walked into the estate..
then walked 2 stops too far down, and had to walk back to the correct stop..
heh heh chuan lor..
and we met at Watten Park, got transported to an abandoned villa on top of the hill like 4km away..
the debriefing was scary la, like telling you not to call ur partner's name on the way in case kernard possessed..
scared the hell out of me..
Dear was scared too but he had to be strong to console me haha!!

Actually, the walk wasn't scary..
SOW one was like way scarier!!
But Hall 5 did a good job of finding that house la..
creepy house owned by the State..
hope their actual Fright Night will turn out well!

and we actually ran into the same 74 bus driver..
he recognised us!!
and even said Hi to us!

plonked into bed for sleep cos I had to get up early for two tuition!

received email. bidding starts 27th july for core.
checked CORS, all cores i wanna take not available. Dunno how sia. Argh dun think now la.

looking forward to the last bit of fun I can have before school starts.!

-the end-

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