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Sunday, July 26, 2009


gonna be a lazt post, since im quite lazy today..
can't wait for CreateBox's official launch tomorrow!

went shopping with u.Don last week, and since I was early from a lunch meeting,
I decided to went to walk at Topshop at Raffles City Shopping Centre.
Hahaha! I am really glad I did cos I found some nice picks there!

Bought 2 ribbled tanks, one purple and one yellow at only SGD9 each! It's such a rare find and there's only 2pcs of my size left! So lucky! The purple one is from Dorothy Perkins, it has such a nice neckline i think!

also bought a baseball jersey for u.Don and myself, also at 9 bucks only! Can u believe it!

Then, bought u.DOn 2 pairs of berms. Really inspiring colours. Sorry no photos here, u'll know them when u see them'.

Sort of needed a pair of sneakers for lab, so my original intent was to buy the Van's half Cab, I really like it, but if I want it I will have to ship it in, I cant find one in SG!!

It would really be lovely to wear this to school! I want! HUMPH!

Then I saw the Timberland Boat shoes. Love them too! But it's way too expensive for me to afford it! Booo!

Actually I tot this slips ons from Crocs was cute too, but u.Don says it sux, oh wells!

In the end, I bot a pair of Macy slip ons from Lee Cooper. Really Love the colour and cut of the shoe, it's gonna be great for lab!!

I think I will still buy the half cab if I can find it! and if it's affordable! So tell me if you know it sells somewhere okies!

Been deciding on whether I should purchase my Lenovo netbook. It's the S10 I am talking about.

Really cool and light-weight. Just what I need! So that I can bring it to school everyday! Or should I get that full-fledged laptop X200? u.Don says it has much more processing power, lest I become pek chek!

Haaaa, dunno la, it's so cool to carry this netbook. Shall I just go for looks?
I shall see...... hmmm

So now, I am just stocking up on lab wear. Gonna need a pair of jeans, I want a cheap version of the Topshop bleached jeans!

I want it bleached!! Like near white! HAAAA, if i can find it!

I shall stock up on leggings too! Elastic waistbands are definitely much comfi with my bulging stomach!

So much for pictures!!

Rmb to support CreateBox's launch ok! Everybody needs a tee or two! They make great wear!
So why not get CreateBox's tee? They are super comfee, see they rhyme!
See you at The CreateBox soon!!

I am listening to Fire by 2ne1 now:

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