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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Schools starting..

Boo hoo!

Means I gotta get the "study momentum back". Sick!

I wanna slack more!

I think I slacked Too much..

I think that I am turning Fat!

I dun like it, but I am so NOT doing anything to cure it.

Still eating like a pig and watching Discovery Channel with Dear on the couch the whole day..

And when me and Dear head out, it's for food!

Just ate at the Japanes Concept food court at Northpoint called Ishi Mura (recommended by J&J)..

It's good and reasonable priced! Had omelette rice while Dear had the stone bowl rice.

SUPER filling! And we shared a pao pao cha *twinkles in the eye*

Really pei fu ourselves, travelled all the way there to eat at the food court LOL.

And then I had a ILLUSION again, just like the Guitar Girl Illusion.

I saw a auntie as we were coming down the escalator.
And then I exclaimed to Dear," Wah seh, the auntie so havoc!"
Dear gave a nonchalent laugh (apparently he din think that the auntie was havoc at all).
As we approached near her, I realised that I was having this illusion!
Guess what!

She was actually wearing this red capris and navy blue top. Just below the navy blue a thick strip ofoff white lines.
And SO I envisioned the auntie to be wearing a top THAT short only up till her belly button and she was flashing off her stomach area in public!!
WAHAHAHA I know I am so far-fetched!
But I really have these crazy illusions sometimes!
I really love them..

Lastly, I love imitating Auntie Lucy & Mr. I Love Singapore in front of Dear.
It is damn Funnie.

-the end-

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