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This blog is maintained by Evonne and Don who got together on 20 November 2004

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My 22nd Birthday Continued!

We hang around in taka till 6pm before heading towards Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel for our buffet dinner!

We had a tour around the hotel! took some pictures here and there as we were a lil early!

Ahhh finally the start of our International Buffet!

The oyster here is heavenly man! thank god its a buffet so we had an oyster fest. Each of us down 10 oyster each! haha totally making our money worth here. Oh btw they are having a one for one deal for all UOB card holders! thumbs up for that.

We wacked the prawn too! and those sashimi is so so fresh!

Some Oriental delights that we took for tasting. We did not went for more helpings as there were rather ordinary in taste..so yea..

Ok Guys check this picture out. I told Auntievon that this LOOKS like a giant fondue machine but she was bent on convincing me its a VASE! i know its a vase man im saying it looks like a fondue machine...check out the chocolate flowing down from the top!

Auntievon stuffing her face with plain white rice at an international buffet. wth is she doing?!

So at some corner of the buffet area, Auntievon found some big prawns! check out the difference in size! they are hard to pluck too! oh for the record, i did the shelling of all the prawns that day! Auntievon is so lucky..

Super huge onion!

Any mousehunters will know this is a good and expensive cheese!

Cheddar Cheese!
We took a slice of other cheese. Livarot, Cheddar, Brie and Port Salute. Wow Livarot is the killer man! it has an overwhelming rotting taste..damn, i almost had those oysters coming out of my oesophagus after taking a bite of Livarot. Never taste that shit again! period.

Phototaking at Night!

That was how i ended by birthday celebration with Auntievon!
I want to thank her firstly for everything! i truly enjoyed the time spent! thanks dear...
I also want to thank all those who wished me on FB or through SMS, thanks for remembering..
I wana thank those who did not wish me too! yup, no worries! you can do so the next year..or the next..yea..we are still friends (: (duh!)
22 years old..freaking old..

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