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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's gonna be another image heavy post here guys.

We decided to have a go at a little trekking.. All the way from NUS to Harbourfront, using the connectors that were built to facilitate this purpose.
All in all we took close to around 4Hrs odd and with the Sun beating down on us, we finally managed to do it!

All the shots here are the main Highlights of the day!
As I am blogging, my calves are still in the Ache-ing mode... Haha but I must admit that it was a great work-out and Fun-filled trip!

Foursome on the Canopy Walk to Nowhere...

A not so-short Short-cut suggested by UncleDon.. Dangerous Paths..

Water Break at the dessert-like scorching Hort Park...

We were actually like several stories above the ground.. Scary shit although we maintained our cool..

How do we know when the Branches are falling??? Cannot fathom..

A loving shot on the Henderson Waves where we chilled to our heart's content!

Lying on Henderson Waves, enjoying the cool wind from beneath..

Ran into this Monkey MaMa on the way. She was doing her breast-feeding. Let me elaborate on the story.
As this Monkey Mama was breast-feeding, there was a Monkey Papa on the road guarding. So we thought," So sweet and protective.!" But then we were so so wrong! As the Monkey MaMa got up to leave, with the Monkey Baby still clinged on her under-side, she crossed the road with all four limbs... As soon as she was safe on the pavement (Monkey Baby still clinged on yea), Monkey PaPa climbed onto her swiftly and had a quikie with her! So we witness the Monkey family Sex-ing in public!
So much for a protective PaPa.. ~~

Top of Mount Fabor... I was still laughing uncontrollably..

Best scene around there!!

Best Photo of the day goes to..... TaDa! Not edited ok! Look at the beautiful Clouds!!!

-the end-

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