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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Had a cooking session today with Auntievon at my house!
With Auntievon as the Head Chef, I played the role as an Assistant Chef.

Dishes for today: Katsu Curry Don with Miso Soup!

We went Hougang Point to shop for our ingredients. Saw some ingredients to make Cha Soba which Auntievon strongly objected me from buying. zzz

My role was simple..follow the head chef's instructions.
"cut the carrot"
"peel the potato"
"stir leh.."

So i was tasked to prepare the curry and Miso Soup. Which i think i pulled it off. My Miso soup is damn nice man. (Auntievon is going to inform you guys that its instant Miso Soup and probably brainless to cook it.)

Auntievon soloed frying the chicken. Great job there marinating and coating it with breaded crumbs..we sort of bought the wrong one though..bought the one for tempuras. Our Katsu looked like fried tempuras haha.

Whaaha almost had a problem with the curry as the carrots and the potatoes just won't soften enough. Well we pulled it off anyways.

Here it is.. Apologies to all for the lack of presentation. haha

Katsu Curry Don:

This is the Miso Soup prepared from scratch by Uncledon

The fail for presentation. no effort was placed in trying to make it look Japanese. (:

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