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This blog is maintained by Evonne and Don who got together on 20 November 2004

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I blog -

the busy-ness has got to me.
I hate this period of time at NUS.
It sux with all the deadlines.

A trip home with friends can really make me realise many things.
I received my later from MOE.
Really happy that they offered me a Teaching Position with the Education system.
BUt, I hope there is space at NIE to accomodate me in 1 yrs time.

I think I am suppose to look for my Hons FYP prof.
like soon.
BUT I still can't decide what to do.
What if no prof wants me?
Not like my grads are fantastic.
This sux.

I just wanna do my Hons,
get my Hons (2nd Lower by the way),
not like I am a threat to anybody.
not like I am trying to aim anything higher.
just graduate and go teach for the rest of my life.
just let me do it.
stop making this so difficult.

Enuff of lamenting and start studying Evonne.
I really need to start.
I dun wanna be CAP-orientated,
but ppl are forcing me to be.
the society is forcing me to be.

can't i just study what i am happy to study and not get good grades?
i guess i cant.

tmr morning i will wake up.
looking all smilely again.

but for now,
saya kurang baik baik saja.

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