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This blog is maintained by Evonne and Don who got together on 20 November 2004

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To be married
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At the end of the day, both of us to be happy
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Thursday, March 5, 2009

been really bogged down by alot alot alot of work lately..
2 mid-term tests down, another 3 more to go...
Cm3232 sux in that I am so sure I will not perform but I am still wasting my time studying for it..

After mid-terms, NUS Open House will be coming right up!
I am so excited about it!!
I got selected as NUS Ambassador!!
How lucky I am!!
2 days of Open House, 2 Ambassador tee, lanyard + nametag..
free lunch and I get $160 paid!!
I am so glad my Bahasa Ibu is willing to let me be excused from rehearsal..
She's a saint!!

UncleDon and I have many plans..
but too busy to put any to action..
hope things will get better and we can find some time to settle our admin stuff..

My birthday is coming up and I am definitely looking forward to it as a "Personal Holiday",
cos it doesn't concern the public at large mah..
tho nth special is going to happen but don't people always look forward to birthdays??
and I am turning double 2!!

Recently, I am also looking forward to a possible hearty buffet meal with UncleDon as a way to reward ourselves..
Heeee, where shall we go?

Also another recently, I am looking at possible prospects of going on a holiday..
but UncleDon is scheduled to be down for minor so planning gets a little tough...
well it may not happen, but just an idea that lingers in my ailing brain..

and just this afternoon, like 4hrs ago, I attended my interview @ MOE..
it went quite well but still, it was agreed that it was hard to decide if we met the mark..
the superintendent was more than friendly, the principle was friendly and the teacher was the benchmark of friendliness..
Was glad that I had prepared beforehand, and the questions being thrown at me were not stunners..
I do hope that I will be successful and be addressed as "Miss Lau"..!!
we'll noe in 2-3 weeks time, as the interviewer had informed me..

so now with the updates in my mind,
I have to get back to CM3232 where I am somewhere in between a small box, where density of states exist and my energy is quantized..

-auntievon sighs

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