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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Uncledon and Auntievon Saturday Food Hunt!!
So Auntievon's craving for prata was not met yesterday and that drove us to hunt for tasty tasty prata!

Auntievon suggested "The Prata Place" after reading reviews off the net! So we were down to have a taste ourselves!

The Prata Place
1 Thong Soon Avenue

How to get there:
Take Bus Service 138 or 169 from Ang Mo Kio Bus Interchange and alight at Opp Nessea Club

Ok the reason we are able to take these pictures is because we got down one stop earlier!
No matter a short walk before a heavy prata meal is definitely worth it!

The Prata Place
"A branch of the Casuarina Prata Shop
Awarded: 1 of the Best Crispy Prata in Singapore"

Well this is it! The Prata Place.

And the interior...
Well, shop layout inside is simple without any fanciful decoration as compared to First Thai Food that we went yesterday.

And the menu!
Ok prata prices are $0.90 (kosong) upwards! Speciality Prata range from $1.50 - $3.50
Soup prices are around $3 onwards and drinks are a $1++
We managed to snap a few shots of the menu for your reference. Not very fanciful but..yea..

Alrighty! Its...

CHEW IT time! - Review of da fooood!

For the first time, we did not order the normal kosong prata that we will usually do. We tried out their famous Banana Prata ($2.50), opted for a Mushroom&Egg Prata ($2.70), Kambing Soup served with bread ($3.50), Mutton Mutabak Small ($5) a Teh Terik ($1.20) and a Teh Haliah ($1.40). If you think that the prata are expensive, it really isnt! The servings were huge and ample enough to do sharing!

Takes around 10-15 minutes before the food arrives!


The Banana Prata

This is really good i must say. The banana flavor here is really strong and are well spread out.
So you won't get a huge area where there is no banana fillings. Well, the only word of caution is that this prata really taste like a desert. And banana, prata and curry sauce actually tasted a little weird. So i would really recommend eating it as it is. No harm trying.

Mushroom and Egg Prata

The mushroom servings here is really good! Auntievon managed to dig out a mushroom so huge its the size of your ear (kidding, its huge though).

Mutton Mutabak (small)

Ok when they say small, they don't mean it. Seriously. This serving is not at all small. The layer of flour here is rather thin and crispy so you are not totally overwhelmed by it, allowing you to really taste whats inside. Chopped Onions and Minced Mutton are generous here. So big ups to that!

The Holy Kambing Soup!
This one cost $3.50 and its definitely worth the money! The soup is simply delicious and the serving here lasted us throughout the course of our meal. We ended up dipping our prata in the soup rather than the curry!
If you are heading here, first thing to order is their soup, even before you choose the prata..
Get your soup first!


And after!

We give this place a 4/5. Oh yea..just to point out we chose this place over Casuarina because there were reviews over their lack of service there..Since this is a branch of Casuarina, the prata here probably taste just as good.

-uncledon and auntievon

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