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Friday, January 16, 2009

Uncledon And Auntievon Quest for Food and much more!
Uncledon and Auntievon met as early as 11am for a business trip down to have our organisers printed! Thanks to Auntievon we settled for a cheaper printing and binding price!
More details on this very soon! (aslo the release of the last 3 designs) stay tuned!
Food Hunt
To satisfy auntievon's craving for prata we decided to head down to this location:
Achaya Kari
Location: 145 Kitchener Road (10 mins walk from Farrer Park Mrt)
How to get there:
1) Exit Farrer Park @ Exit H (currently under renovation)
We took Exit G instead!

2) Locate Kitchener Road and walk along it!

3) 8 - 10 Minutes later! Booyah! Achaya Kari!

But our happiness were shortlived when we were greeted by the metal steel gate and a sign that said:

"Closed from 120109 t 160109!!!!" Damn! Missed it by one day!
With much disappointment and hunger, we decided to walk to a Thai Restauant at Purvis Street
Recommended by auntievon we head down to this location. Auntievon is great at directions! I will be totally lost if not for her in-built GPS.

Details and Location:
First Thai Food
Location: 23 Purvis Street 188600
Opening hours: Lunch 11:50am - 2:15pm (close at 3pm)
Dinner: 5:50pm - 9:15pm (close at 10pm)

Well if any of you are heading down soon please note that:
They will be close on: 19/01/09 - 28/01/09 (talk about a long break...)

One step into this restaurant and we were assured that we are going to have on hell of an authentic thai dinner that night. The shop is very cooling despite it being open-air. To cool down its customers from a spicy dinner, the shop is well serviced with many ceiling fans.

The shop is well decorated with old fashioned paintings (thai-style) and flowers. The whole place and concept makes you feel as though you are in Thailand, well at least for the span of your dinner. This shop house has its interiors decked out with ceramic tiles and mosaic floors!

Service is great! Food comes fast and staffs are friendly.

CHEW IT- Review of da fooood!

Well, Im going to mention about the price first yea.. If you are looking for a cheap meal, this is not a place to go! Prices of each dish starts at $8. Drinks go up to $3 per cup.

We managed to take a picture of the menu for your reference!

We ordered 3 dishes that day and they were as follows:

Respectively in reality they looked like:

Here is our take on the food!

First to arrive was the Tom Yum (Seafood) soup which cost $7. The proportion was a disappointment and the first impression made you feel cheated. But when you start to dig in, the genuine thai spicy and sour taste will make you feel a little better. Seafood helpings are very generous, 3 succulent prawns in each soup with many slices of fish and squid.

Pineapple rice ($8) was delicious and fragrant. The rice was topped with pork floss which added to the fragrance of the rice. For first timers, i would recommend you to choose other rice/noodle dishes other than pineapple rice, perhaps they would prove to be more unique than this.

The one that left a mark on our taste buds was the Chicken Feet Salad ($8). Wow. simply wow.
The spiciness of this dish is over the top! But most of the credit will have to be given to the way the chicken feet is prepared. Its so so crunchy... together with the other vegetables in the salad, this dish is heavenly.

Overall, the dinner was a unique and enjoyable one for both of us. Its a pity that we were only able to try 3 of the many unique dishes available. We will definitely go back to this place to dine again. We recommend you to bring at least 4 people on each trip there, its much more worth it though!

First Thai Food gets a 4/5 rating

Oh yea..Theres no GST charges at this joint and they only accept Cash!

Be there!

-uncledon and auntievon!

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