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This blog is maintained by Evonne and Don who got together on 20 November 2004

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Saturday, December 6, 2008


Exams are finally over, can say it's one of the worst exams ever in my life..
Busy with the launch of GlamRags Collection 3..
Three of us are really putting in alot of effort to bring out the best for everybody..
Carefully hand-picked items in this Collection.. I love every piece of it!!
No matter you have what kind of outing in mind, I think we can provide for all in this collection!

We received feedback that the previous collections are either too formal or too girly...
So for a change! GlamRags decided to try some other designs...
We really spent like 6 hours sieving thru all the designs, 5 hours doing the photoshoot, and more time editing the photos just to bring out the best to everyone...
The clothes are really different from our first two collections..
they are more casual than before but are more versatile than before..
simply adorn several accessories and you have a totally different look!
That's what GlamRags is looking out for!
Really hope the items are a pleaser this time round...


johnson's belated birthday celebrations
couldnt really decide what to eat, changed from Crystal Jade to Korean Food, to Waraku..
Finally settled on Fish & Co., newly opened at Heerens...
Johnson so mah fan...
keep hinting that we are going to buy him a surprise cake.....
then he will very touched....
blah blah blah blah blah....
okay in the end we did...
but it was originally planned okay......!!!!!
yeap... so dinner was 6 plates of fish and chips with mussels and calamari!!
The mussels is really WAH!!!!!!!!!!! Damn good!!!!

Since Johnson was the birthday boy!! He got to stand on the chair with sparkles and cake in hand!!
We all sang him a LOUD LOUD birthday song!!!
He enjoyed every moment of the attention!!
still say paiseh.... chea!

See he so shiok!!!

Special thanks to dear for joining in the celebration despite your busy schedule.....


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