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Friday, December 26, 2008

About Auntievon's New Slip On!
The following post is image heavy. I love to post huge image!
My bro was supposed to do a photo-essay for his assignment, so he end up taking pictures of me customizing dear's slip ons!
So heres a free tutorial on "How to Customize your Shoe!"
- 1 pair of plain shoes
- Acrylic Paint
- Artist Sketching Pen ( alcohol-based permanent ink )
- Paint Brush

Step 1
Sketch the design on plain paper!

Well...if you are real good skip this step. Im not, so yea got to put my thoughts on an a4 before everything else.

Step 2
Base coat! Eh.. from experience a base coat gives additional water-proofing. I usually base coat with "White" acrylic or "Plaid" acrylic. Light colours i guess.

Step 3
Blow dry. I don't have all day to "Sun-dry" the paint so yea. this works

Step 4
Put your design on the shoe! With a sketch on the a4, puting everything on takes me around 10 mins. I usually screw everything up if i do a direct freestyle on the shoe.

Step 5

Add other colours. Well to be safe stick to at most 2 colours.

Step 6
Spray a layer of Krylon Fixative or Scotch Gard for additional protection!

Thats how you customize a Slip On!
Credits: pictures above taken by Dan
Here is my end product:
Its titled "War Pigs". Auntievon wanted some pigs on her slip ons. Since we are into brutally attacking each other recently, added some "war" element into the design. whahaha

Got to full view this because its real huge and blogger resized it:

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