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Sunday, November 16, 2008

16th November 2008 - Swissotel Vertical Marathon 2008

after a night of nervous-ness, i finally woke up (with much difficulty) at 6.15am...
OMG! Im IN for it this time!! Dead meat like a pig.
so here's the timeline,
met dear at 6.45am to go for Mac breakfast..
dear was really supportive to accompany me to breakfast as a form of moral support (i think..)
because he kept telling me all the scary stories of how I am so NOT going to make it to the top of the Swissotel 73 stories, 1336 steps to the helipad!!!
I mean YES!!! you heard it right!! it's ONE THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-SIX steps in total!!

It's this building you always see (see below)

I must be MAD to be talked into this by our very own Mr Johnson Toh...
So finally met Jing Yeen, Johnson, Ivan, Raymond, Shimin, Guoqiang for the race!!
Did our registration to get out Bib number..
Since we had a lot of time on hand till the actual marathon at 9.28am, we decided to go take some photos and also to drink some Red Bull (I mean I kinda really needed it...)
Fast forwar to 10.05am!!
I AM ON TOP OF SWISSOTEL HELIPAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At least that was what I wanted to scream but din...
The view was paranomic.... glad i did the steps just to enjoy the scenery!!
And in Johnson's word: "If you never join, you can go up to their helipad meh?!"
Which is quite true la ahhahaha....
So took many photos and waited for dear Jing Yeen to come up the steps....
We collected our finishers' medal (man! was I happy to get the medal!!!)
okay sounds so sua ku but you really think climb to the top so easy meh...
Hard work okay....
So after that we still had to wait for the finishers' certificate to be ready in about an hours' time...
Hang around and took many silly photo, including with a Ferrari, the Red Bull Mini Cooper..
After that was a trip to the Safari Food Fest at Suntec as suggested by Shimin..
Nothing really very tantelizing except for the grilled squid..
But I din eat cos fattening leh...
BUt I bot BANANA Chocolates!!!
WAHAHAHAHA equally fattening!!!

So we headed down to Terrace Fountain Food Court to eat smth proper and den split up to go home...
Really very fun and enjoyable!!
Think I am going to join it next year AGAIN!!!

Now who's with me!!?

The great view up there!!! I AM TOP OF THE WORLD!!!

When we were up there!!

Highlights of the day!!!

The sporty girls and the medals !! OH YAY OH YAY!!

The vain guys and their medals!! 

Just hanging around and taking photos!!! 

The Food Fair trip...

Miscellaneous items... Just some very nice memories!!

Okay peeps, please give me a few days to tag u guys on facebook..
rather busy during exam period..
cheerios auntievon :)

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