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Sunday, October 5, 2008

A week ZOOM-ed past ever since the start of semester PartII..
Been going to the study centre whenever I can with UncleDon to do some revision.
Been a busy week for us with all the upcoming events and activities..
So just some random updates that are worthy of comment over the past week:

1. Monday was first physical lab.. our dear Dr Fan Yipit is so nice to just openly tell off a girl for climbing up onto a stool to look at the burette!! the girl got so red with paiseh-ness!!! my gosh! such a bad start for her.. Anyways, physical lab was a chore and my data is quite off.. sigh! miss the days of Anatlytical lab..

2. As usual, late night lessons on tuesdays. But surprisingly, I dun really mind. At the end of the day, I am all relaxed and I really just treat it like a chatting with JY every lecture! HAHA.. and after the lesson will always have some nice friends to walk to the bus-stop and travel home with.. So I really dun have much to complain about...

4. Wednesday was Hari Raya. So my tuition was cancelled. But since my mind was so preoccupied with stuff, I actually jumped dunring dinner at 8pm, thinking that I have forgotten about tuition!! LOL.. siao arh..! 

5. Dental Appointment on thursday cost me a bomb of $100 for filling, cleaning and polishing.. It sets me thinking how much a dentist actually earns for just filling sveral grams of phosphorus in my tooth and 'brushing' my teeth in a more rigorous manner. the whole procedure was done in about half and hour and ka-ching $100 richer!! $100 is $10 more than what I earn from 2 sessions of tuition which i have to put in 3 hrs effort!!! Hai... Dentists are so filthy rich...

6. Friday was nth much. Except that it marks the end of teaching for As. Prof Khoo SB. Im so sad lor... He was such a very nice man and also lecturer. Without him, I could never have understand the Electrochemistry!! Now I shall live in nitemare again as the next (cannot make it) lecturer takes over..

7. Saturday was off to study centre with UncleDon. Once again, we both adorn Green outfit!! HAHA.. After that we just had to collect the new specs that UncleDon made. It was such nice specs...

8. Sunday, spent doing lab rpt.. Die my readings are so off... 

And so the week passed, and tmr is another lab session.. But at least I get to see UncleDon. So I am a happy girl..

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