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This blog is maintained by Evonne and Don who got together on 20 November 2004

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Friday, October 17, 2008

About the reason why "We call 995 In Case Of Fire"
Week has passed with new developments. Auntievon and me were busy with our own stuff and have not had time to update this space...

I will now attempt to summarize the week on this single post.


Auntievon recently went into partnership with 2 of her friends, Jingyeen and Wen Ting. To bring you ladies out there a convenient way of shopping. With a blogspace only worthy of trendy apparels from tops to dresses, they announced the launch of the online store on 17 Oct 2008.

Launch day saw heavy traffic to the site. Stuff were so hot that sales were made on the first day.Many joined Glamrag's mailing list

Don't be left out! Jump onto the bandwagon for the "hip and trendy". These girls put together, will definitely dish out more style than you could ever imagine.


PS: i don't get paid for this.

About CRE.

Well in a quiet corner somewhere, Uncledon dedicated a site for customized stuff. Well, probably up to showcase and sell my works. Show your support here.


New cap design will be uploaded 19/10/2008.

About Minor in Entrepreneurship

Booyah! got selected for it!


Congratulations! I am pleased to welcome you as one of the specially selected candidates for the Minor in Entrepreneurship - Yr2008/2009 Semester 1.

nugh said.

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