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Friday, September 19, 2008

mid-sem break is here,
finally, after much waiting..
in half a sem, 60 lectures + 5 labs + 8 lab reports + 2 tutorials + 3 tests + 1 viva + 1 quiz were completed..
liberated for 1 week before all of these is repeated again..
already feeling drained from these 6 weeks,
dunnoe how to make it till the end of the sem..
taking 4 core is no joke..
content is just too much..
but I still enjoy org mechanism and my fave IA2 with Prof Khoo...
he's just the funniest man..
love him to bits..
just hate the Meemi..
kick her in her butt..
now that recess week is finally here,
it't time to let my hair down..
and catch up on all my work..

watch this space for my updates on recess week progress..


PeiQi's 21st birthday party @ Aloha Changi***

should really have done this long ago..
haha but I really din have the time with all the busy stuff in school..
plus I forget to bring my camara..
so had to leach on my peep's photo's lol..
so Finally, below are the photos we took that day at Changi Aloha..
the place was spacious and clean..
the food catered by peiqi was delicious..
but the cake was the 重头戏...
hahaha delicious Banana Chocolate Cake..
Anyway, this post wun be so detailed cos I already forgotten all the details..
but we had fun..
and Peiqi love her presents we got her (I think)..
hahaha.. so the photos are what I manage to kope from facebook...

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