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This blog is maintained by Evonne and Don who got together on 20 November 2004

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy mid-autumn festival everyone!!
it's a time for people to get together and just chill a little,
admire the moon a little,
eat a little mooncake,
sip a little tea,
and spend a little time relaxing..

so dear and me decided to go for some lanterning @ Bishan Park after a day of study at the cc...
to gear up, we bought 1 pack of sparkles containing 6 boxes of which each box had 6 sparkles..
and 6 boxes of candles, 24 mini paper lanterns and of cos the ever important lighter..
after a hearty dinner at Ya Mei eating house, we set off for a night of fun and dazzle!!
luckily we did it one day earlier, or else the place will be so smoked and packed with kids..

so we did many stupid things...
no longer the usual carrying of lanterns..
so i shall just let the photos and videos do the talking..

a little romantic moment for the both of us...

trying to make some geometric shapes out of the sparkles...

haha I made 'e' for ebong while dear's attempt to draw a stickman failed cos the shutter speed was still too fast to capture it...

at the study center... taking photos just before we leave the place..

im so being smoked by the smoke.... it's wad dear wanted.... HELP!!!

our dinner... and dear's customized cap... check out the rhinestones that bling up the cap!!!

our pretty lanterns that look so oriental...

candles used to form our names... not very clear in the photo but better in the video...

here's our finale: the bonfire!! and dear added sparkles to it.. so it was crackling away...!

all in all it was so fun!!! a definite must-do every year...
hahahaha!!! dun say we childish k...
it's fun!!!

until the next Mid-autumn Festival, it's us signing out...
wishing everyone a Happy Mid-autumn festival!!

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