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Friday, September 12, 2008

been a bad day for me
Org spec test was a flop for me
45 marks out of 55 marks flew away cos i cant deduce the stupid structure
N im so angry not cos i cant do!
It's i studied so hard for 2 days and still i cant do the qn
Just wasted 2 days of sweat n effort..
The reason?
I din memo the bloody IR Spectrum functional grs n their wavenumbers, and the chemical shifts of the hydrogen NMR spectrum!
So i dun bloody noe if my DEAR benzene is di-, or tri-substituted or is it ortho-, or para-, or meta-substituted..
So i cant deduce my structure nvm, only 2 marks gone
But i also cant freakin do the rest of the parts which is related to this structure..
I seriously hate the way how this part of the lecture the lecturer structured it
Who in the world memo spectrums!!
It's like asking ppl to count every step they walk everyday.
Come on lo, can walk means can walk, dun have to count the number of steps.
It doesnt make u champion if u count them correctly, because eventually ppl who dun count can still get to their destinations perfectly fine!
So wad's the big fuss!
I came to learn new concepts, NOT learn to memo ur tables n tables of values!
For Pete's sake, do smth more sensible my dear lecturer frm I******* college!
But dun worry, i'll make sure i DO memo them the next time round! Thanks to this test, i'm all the more determined to mug Mug MUG MUG now!!
Oh wells, that's so much for complaining..
Life gets on n i still have to do my lab rpt!
Life's like that..........

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