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This blog is maintained by Evonne and Don who got together on 20 November 2004

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

27/09/2008 's photoshoot.

Auntievon and Uncledon went for a photoshoot on Saturday. This time round a DSLR was brought into action. Although unsure of all the capabilities of the DSLR we tried our best to capture the best pictures.

We had our lunch at Kobayashi at Heartland Mall, started playing around and testing the camera.
Some food-blog style pictures.
The weather that day was freaking hot and we had to seek shelter at MICA building at Clarke Quay. We took most of our pictures at that artsy place.
Check them out:
Taken near the entrance of the building where the strange sculpture lies.
We went in deeper and found the gate..yea took some emo pictures.
Got to love the out-of-focus effect.
We wanted to take some pictures with posh cars but there weren't any nearby. Due to the heat we gave up the idea and settled for somemore pictures under the shelter.
Profile Pictures:
Name: Uncledon
Age: 21
Name: Auntievon
Age: 21
We went to Fort Canning in hopes of taking more pictures but ended up taking those continuous shots thingy which became animated gifs (see previous post).
The best picture of the day goes to :
So dreamy, so loving and peaceful... just like an image captured in a dream, coloured only in black and white...

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