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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Woke up early to attend the SMRT Challenge 2008 briefing at the SMRT HQ,
the sky looked kinda gloomy and overcast but nevertheless we made it there in time..
much to our surprise, the place was swarming with people doing registration, well lots of THOSE kind of people u know..
and according to the organisers, there were even teams that were on waiting-list because of the overwhelming response to this year's Challenge.
So Congratulations to US on being one step closer to the prizes!
After the boring briefing, but the organiser was really trying his best to entertain us, me and dear headed to City Link Thai Express for lunch..
we tried the stuffed chicken but it was not really to our liking.. preferred the fried chicken drumlets with lemon sauce..
dear pei-ed me shop for Wenting's "Happy Birthday" balloons..
only found it at a ulu corner of suntec selling kids stuff..
that corner was a kid's heaven so the wall was painted rainbow colour..
so me and dear made use of the nice background to take lots of pictures!!

posing with the balloons and the drawings on the wall.. me and dear trying to look damn shock at smth that doesnt exist..

I simply love the cow at Raffles City Shopping Centre, I had to take a picture with it!! And it was also Noise Singapore!!!!! the artists really spray paint well siaL.. so cool!!

pictures taken with the rainbow wall backdrop.. I simply love these pictures!!!!

In the evening, met Johnson, jing Yeen, Peiqi to attend Wenting's Birthday party @ Ching Ching Bar!!!
Nice place I must say although kinda sleazy if not for our big group..
The cake was delicious!!! together with the champagne..
Everybody was high with singing!!
the king of Singing the nite is Shao Kai!! lol..
pro lor.. and the rest are all pictures!!! and the guys keep laughing at us for taking so many photos!!! with all the weird weird poses!!

see our bug tooth and rabbit poses... but Wenting pang seh.... nv do bug tooth!!! HUmph!

usual sweet sweet smile... see the bar has got some nice Irish ambience around the bar counter..

group photo, shu nu photo, and my play pool pose!!!

our food!! the delicious choc-a-bloc cake! and of cos the bottle of champagne!! YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Seng!!!!!!!!! hahahaha we did that!!!! SHOK!!!!!!

Finally!!!! Happy 21st Birthday Wenting!!!!!

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