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Friday, August 8, 2008

So its been a week of school and most freshies had blogged about their experiences in school.
Here is mine. Well, I made a lot of new friends within this week thanks to the beneficial one day NBS orientation. Everyone is friendly around here. Facing some difficulty remembering faces and names.
My first week in NTU also saw me reuniting with my army mates which i had not kept in contact ever since i ORDed, some even after my BMT. So from army mates to strangers we are back here again as lecture mates. I even had GPA 5 mates, everything we did, we did for GPA 5. Something we all know is beyond our reach.
Im still getting lost aound here, even thought theres only a north and south spine in NTU. Im like always reaching early to find my location for my lessons. sucks. Since im not staying in hall, ive been a traveller. Travelling is good. Makes me think.
Starting next week will see me with little free time. Lectures and tutorials are at their full blown.

080808 is a date to remember. Our lovable "ahger" gave birth to a litter of six.
a joyous occasion! we had a family meeting tonight with regards to the birth.

the topic? what to buy for tomorrow's 4d?

Huat arh!


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