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Monday, August 11, 2008

the following conversation occured today between a NUS-er and a NTU-er:

dear: Man!! NUS is so bustling with activity. so many people walking around in large groups...

me: HUH!! (I turn to look around) Where got?!! the only groups walking around us are in trio..

dear: (nothing to say..) okay why dun we just take the bus from the opposite? it will loop back here wad...

me: CAnnot lah!!! got interchange de!! it's called the Kent ridge Bus Terminal..

dear: HUH!!! NUS got own interchange?!! What the!! you think you guys running your own world arh?!!

me: hahaha!!!! damn funnie lah!!! dun be so shock to know we got bus terminal leh..

dear: so huh... everything also have... where's ur own LRT system in the school??!!

me: HAHAHAHAHHAHA... (nothing to say..)

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