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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

attended Belinda's Pink & White 21st Birthday Party @ Downtown Costa Sands on Saturday evening!
first of all before even attending it, had to wreck my brains to think of what to wear..to fufil the requirements lol..
but luckily I found a piece of pink dress in my wardrobe!
so this shows that I am a still a little feminine right??! HMM....
haha.. anyway, reached there kinda late with the rain and stuff..
but I must say some guys really very 和作..
they really wear pink sia..!
but it's the people opposite us that are really in full pink rage!!!haha!!
but i forgot to bring my camera that day!! argh..
so these photos are courtesy of belinda from facebook!
ahahah!! i just grabbed a few!!

so now it's time to spot who did not fufil the PINK and WHITE requirement! HAHA!!! naughty naughty...

the pretty pretty PINK and WHITE birthday cake in 2 tier.. and the lovely hand-made guestbook by belinda... and she doesnt even let us write on it! HUMPH!!

that's us taking a photo at a part of the chalet where there is NO deco.... silly us.!

there!~ the shot again with some streamers above!!!

the whole NUS CHEM gang!!! BENZENE RING 万岁!!!!!!!

once again!! happy 21st Birthday to belinda!!!

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