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Friday, August 29, 2008

About Uncledon's lack of updates
Apologies for the lack of updates on this blog. Like a routine i will then proceed to thank auntievon for keeping this space alive, so yup "thanks dear!"
I was caught up between projects and presentations and it was tough finding time to blog.

So here is a bunch of new updates and "updates that should have been updated a long time ago"

Its finally here! Tomorrow in fact. We gona take our chance in walking away with the $2000 cash! Well hope it will be fun, kinda disappointed that it last only 3 hours. Hopefully having another "friendly" team will increase our chances of winning. yup! Taking part in the challenge with us will be: Nick, Daniel, Hendric and Kenrick.

Co-op and split the cash.

Heres the SMRT challenge t-shirt. Thanks Jeremy for collecting it on behalf of the team! Despite the rain and the uncertainty of the location you braved all odds to collect them.

Hope auntivon fit into it.

N.E.X.T Challenge pictures!
Should have done this a long time ago, but its better late than never. Pictures for the NEXT Challenge. Taken at various spots during the race.

Before the race: (team leader ken missing)

From left: Daniel, Wanyi,Nicholas,me

Night Shots!

Waiting for Night Rider!

At those Checkpoints!

At Pasir Ris (next day)!

Last Checkpoint!

That wrapped up The N.E.X.T Challenge. Will definitely participate again next year. No doubt about that.

About My Custom Trucker Cap (b/w)
My recent custom on a black and white cap.
Traditonal Koi for the win yea. Done using Paint Markers.
Tried to give the cap a "tattoo" kind of look.
Check it out.

Drop me a note if you want a customized cap yea.


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