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This blog is maintained by Evonne and Don who got together on 20 November 2004

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Friday, July 25, 2008

walking round and round in Far East Plaza, having nothing in mind..
troubled by module stuff..
walking into shops and browsing in nothingness..
lost at what to buy with the increasing inflation..
keep stopping in shops to talk about our own issues..
think we should stop doing that to avoid the anger of the shopkeepers..
since it was gloomy and rainy..
we braved the rain to wisma..
there I got the Perfect deal for a chiffon skirt at only $15.90!!!!
after lingering about a little longer, we made our way to Bugis despite the rain cos we seriously needed to get something decent..
at last our effort were not wasted and got everything within our budget comfortably!!
call me the Shopping Queen!!
Nicely done Auntie Von!
so after some logistics and admin work done, we made our way to city hall to meet the Tai-Tai..
Sakae had such a long queue.. had to wait for like 15mins to get the seat..
It was the most difficult meal we had in years..
I always hated when we had to decide wad modules to take and drop despite the lack of choices..
so after some self-convincing act and dis-illusion..
we finally came to a decent plan..
hopefully all goes well..


shall see my uni peeps tmr in celebration of Ming Hui's belated 21st birthday..
it has been long since the last meeting which was er...
Jing Ying's birthday..
kinda nice to have people's birthday..
like a nice time to have some get-together..
never too many birthdays huh...


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