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Monday, July 28, 2008

took a trip to Labrador Park..
tot could have a good picture-taking session..
but the place wasn't very scenic..
just lots of trees...
and lots of mosquitoes!!!!!!!
until buay tahan...
faster run..
never going there again..


to satisfy my craving, dear and I went to Chin Huat Steamboat at Thomson Road..
easily accesible by the North-South MRT line..
Yes, this is the one previously located at Marina South..
But it has since re-located..
For a flat fee of $18.90 for dinner buffet, u get a spread of seafood, meat, starters, appetisers, dessert..
and unlike the past, where u have to sweat under the heat of bbq on the dirty and oily aluminium foil,
it has all changed..
now u get an air-conditioned place, and u only need to choose what u want to eat..
cos they have personnels to either bbq or do the teppanyaki for you..
so all you have to do is basically eat..
and the service is quite good, with ppl refilling the soup for u every now and then..
the steamboat is the yuan yang style, with normal base and tom yam base..
well dear did a pretty good job of cooking the soup..
he added lots of corn into the soup and made it super duper sweet!!!
and the dessert was quite good..
dear like the eclair..
and the banana was damn shiok!!!
free flow somemore..
dear even da baoed one banana to eat on the go..
after being totally full, me and dear started going crazy..
tried to talk loudly above other ppl's voice..
lol.. trying to be annoying..
when waiting for the ever long 72 queue at YCK interchange, we were reminded of our times in AJ..
and dear said that ppl waiting for 72 all had the same face..
all had the waiting face lol..
there's also this couple sitting behind us..
their conversation kept us entertained all the way home..
plot even better than the tv serial drama lol!!
yeap.. pictures pictures pictures..


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