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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Soy-based foods linked to low sperm count
The Straits Times - Mind your Body.

"Eating half a serving a day of soy-based foods could be enough to significantly lower a man's sperm count".

Ouch, nasty huh?

No. Soy-based foods do not contain platoons of sperm killers. But they do contain a "plant form of the female sex hormone oestrogen known as phytoestrogen" , which when present in higher amounts reduce sperm production .And to a male, you wouldn't want too much oestrogen in your body. Well just when i thought it will not be that bad, the article read "The difference was striking. Men in the highest intake category had 41 million sperm per mililitre less than men who ate no soy foods" Even before the battle begins, you lose 41 million sperm per mililitre, thats no morale booster to your other sperm-soldiers huh? So i guess i will probably think twice before stepping into Jollibean in future. You never know if your fittest sperm dies because of you enjoying a bowl of selegie dao huay.

Hmm. To females, soy-products are good! Makes you a whole lot more... female.

Well, moving on. Today we celebrate the birthday of....ROAD HUMPS! damn right.
30 July 1980. The Public Works Department started constructing road humps today in five residential estates under a scheme to keep speeding in check. Estates were chosen because they were used as shortcuts for drivers to speed through. Today, we see the hump almost everywhere in Singapore.
So from this blog to the road outside, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROAD HUMPS!

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