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This blog is maintained by Evonne and Don who got together on 20 November 2004

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

So we went to take a 9km scenic walk on the two new bridges, Henderson Waves and Alexandra Arch. We enjoyed the entire walk, although in total we walked around 6km. Scenery there is simply stunning, with many photo-friendly spots.
Armed with a tripod, auntie von and I took many many shots.
I have to risk my camera from falling off the bridge to capture some of these shots. Lesson to learn over here huh? Bring a bigger tripod.
Here are the pictures!

Auntievon and Uncledon Photoshoot 030708

And so she stood there, looking far into the horizon. I won't give up...the walk to the end.
Damn. Got to rest these legs for the journey ahead.
"auntievon, seriously, you are not that heavy."
You do know they cant see out face right? Don't have to smile on this one.
"You know...we should take more of such rests."

Here are the outtakes for the photoshoot. Yea we took many many shots, till we ran out of poses.
Mind you, those shots are taken under the hot afternoon sun!

Inspired by the Jumping Sentosa Girls!
We jumped too!

That should round up the photoshoot! Thanks dear for the suggestion.
This bridge is a definite must go if you want some great photos.
Well, i bet auntievon will advise you to start walking from the Henderson Rd side. Unless you like climbing UP stairs, you can go ahead and move off from Harbourfront.

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