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This blog is maintained by Evonne and Don who got together on 20 November 2004

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Thursday, July 31, 2008

it was THE trip to City Plaza yesterday, we took a half an hour bus ride on Bus 51 straight to the doorstep of City Plaza. We had lunch at Arnold's Fried Chicken Outlet, and had to queue because of the lunch crowd. We din even know to take number first or to queue to take number. In the end we took No. 16!!! and they were only calling No. 10... so we just stand around in the crowded doorway to wait for our turn... We keep telling ourself that it better be good!! Wah lao!! In the end, it was damn good lor.. like way better than KFC.. I mean not to say KFC is not good lah, it is finger-licking good after all mah!! LOL.. But this Arnold's fried chicken is like even better than finger-licking good!!! so after a satisfied lunch, we started on our adventure.. We KIV-ed so many items and in the end never buy much.. I mean Pq bought lah.. I din even buy ANYTHING!!! Come on lor.. where got Wholesale price sia!! everything that we ask for price is like $30+++ region.. although can bargain but at most the price came down to is like $25??!! I might as well shop at Bugis Street.. Yea so the place for a great disappointment for me and Pq..

We den left at ard 4+ to head to Queensway Shopping Centre cos I wanted to buy my green (YES IT'S GREEN AGAIN!!) Nike water bottle.. and also get some sports singlet.. the bus ride from City Plaza to Queensway Shopping Centre took another 35mins plus.. so we were quite tired when we reach there.. Luckily I got wad I wanted.. But there was this really lovely female slip-ons that I want... But there wasn't my size anymore!!! HMMPH!! and it was only $18!! Since I din wanna buy pink colour, Pq bought her second pair of shoes that day LOL.. And is I hai her one, cos actually will not pass by that shop.. We made a detour cos I wanted to go to some "Classic Primitive" shop... hahah!! So sorry man Pq!! So I bought one of my singlet from an Indian shopkeeper with a weird accent while telling me "the price can be cheaper"!! lol.. he was like half-singing... and I bought my green water bottle with a lime green singlet at another store together.. The store-keeper was very burly and fierce. I tried to ask for discount mah, so he say the water bottle he can give me for $21.. but the singlet no more discount.. And I was scared if I say dun buy, he will whack me lor!! So i guai guai took the money out la..

Den we head to IKEA for meatballs!! they were damn good!! LOL.. like some sua gu!! we were both very tired already but STILL wanna go take pictures hahaha!!! and den i suddenly rmb!!! I paid $10 less for the water bottle and singlet!!! OMG!!! means my water bottle only cost like what $11!!!!! it's even less than the small water bottle lor.. but I not gu-yi one... it's he never count the money lor... and I really really really din noe I gave him short.... But anyway I am still happy!!!!!! cos I got a bargain!!!!

Hahaha..going for overnight stay at school later... im so tired!! from the consecutive trips out everyday...

u noe why i put collage? ahahahha lazy to upload so many picture.s.

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