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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bintan trip!!!

had to go on a business trip with Wenting on Friday.. It was some kind of corporate team-building trip.. so we are the facilitators to go there and help out.. the activities were carried out at Loola Resort.. We set off early in the morning to Tanah Merah ferry Terminal to catch the 8.50am ferry to Tanjung Pinang at Bintan.. the ferry ride was almost 2hrs and we had to take another 1 and a half hour car ride to Loola Resort. The road was really long and winding, with only occasional vehicles zipping by on the country-side roads.

when we finally reach Loola, we were welcomed by the staff there, all local Indonesians.. The served us home-cooked lunch.. before we know it, the food was all gone!! so the friendly and ever-helpful Dodi (our guide cum instructor) offered to cook us noodles! so me and wenting were so grateful for the noodles, although they were just some eggs and vegi in it.. but when u are hungry, it's heavenly!! HAHA!!

so after lunch, we set out for the activities, we had ARCHERY.. many of them never did archery before. so it was really an new experience for many.. since we were all newbies, we had arrows flying everywhere during the trial.. some arrows landed in the grasses, on the ground and even high on the bark of the coconut trees!! but the local helpers picked back all the arrows for us without any complain, so nice of them!!

Next activity is kayak formation.. many of them were not keen on kayaking since it sounds dangerous. but after much persuasion from BOSS and the locals telling them that the water is only 1.2m deep, the group set off for their first kayak experience. the feedback was that although it is tiring, it is very fun.. we had them to kayak to the island located around 600m offshore and do a kayak formation there before they could return..

After this we had tea break where the cakes were catered from a family.. the cakes were OOOOOOOOishIIIIII!!!! so traditional and home-made, flavouring is the real taste!! muhaha!! after this is the grand FInale! where we had the four direction tug-of-war. must really thank the locals for helping us set up the game logistics.. seems like they enjoyed the tug-of-war the most!!

we had the locals to bbq for us in the evening, so after dinner, we sent the group to Agro Resort. after that, Dodi brought us to a local restaurant to have some supper.. we then headed back to Loola for a debrief session. it was raining the whole nite. me and wenting was hungry the whole nite, so we woke up real early.. had breakfast and admired the scenery.. the wind was really awesome!! we waited for the tide to come in before we kayak out into the sea.. it was so fun!! i think I will go kayaking in Singapore too.. hehe..there was another singapore couple and also a French couple.. they were so looking forward to all the activities also.. because actually Loola also provides alot of other activities such as Flying Fox, Rock Climbing Obstacle course etc... soon we had to leave the place and take the ferry back to Singapore. Really tired.. but it was really a great trip!!!

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