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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

So i had this idea to design a t-shirt for dear and myself.
Since printing tees cost a bomb, i decided to bring it down to the basic.


Listening to: Coldplay - Viva la Vida (damn good song imo.)
Drinking: Green Tea (tee, get it?)

I had to test if my idea of using a stencil and normal Acrylic paint works
on cotton t-shirt, before getting dear to work with me

So here goes:

Sketched up my design and markered it

Done! now its time to cut out the black markered parts.

Cutting the Markered parts (this is no joke man. Had a tough time
cutting small areas while keeping the whole flimsy paper together)
Note (1) to self: Don't use normal paper

Time to paint!

There, the finished product after i removed the stencil.
Couple of mistakes here, largely due to the use of normal plain paper
as a stencil. Got to fix that.
Note (2) to self: See Note (1), it is true

Setting the acrylic paint by ironing it

Well pretty satisfied with the outcome!

Sucess! Just have to fix a little problem here and there. But im sure with dear's excellent craftwork, we can definitely come up with more elaborate design.

So dear. You ready to cut?

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