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Sunday, June 15, 2008

My birthday Celebrations, Celebrated.
This was how my 21st birthday was celebrated.

13 Friday 2008:
I celebrated it with ex-colleagues: Xueli, Shirley, Jeremy, Peng Siang was there.
Had a surpise birthday cake, served to us by Danny.
Special thanks to Shirley who insisted to treat us to a meal at Sakae.
(pictures unavailable till Jeremy send them over)
Met Chee, Nick, Chee Yang, Kang Chng and Nelso n at 9pm for clubbing.
Not what im really into but i was forced.
We drank before we entered MOS. I can never forget that Vodka vanilla filled pink dolphin bottle. We drank even more when we entered the club.
Thanks to nelson who brought us to trance. Damn fun! mad ass dancing.
Went home with a heavy head.
14 Friday 2008:
Time to celebrate the day with dear (or so i thought).
Here is us on our mini celebration at Marina Square. Dear tricked me. Made me think she was
in the toilet but she went to get a cake as a supplies for me.

We walked around to source for my mp4 in the afternoon but.. the main event was
the surprise at Kuishin-Bo.
Special thanks to Lau Gwek Li Evonne, i had the greatest supplies of my life.
The supplies was so great that i was taken aback. Dear invited my friends
without me knowing. Did not expect them to be waiting for us at the restaurant.
Thanks to Chee,Nick, Kang Chng, Chee Yang, Andy and Elroy for being there.
Then came the 3 Part supplies.

Part 1:
The Horse ride! Was forced to ride this horse at Suntec City. Looked
damn stupid wearing this attire riding a "lion-like" horse with so many people walking
around. They must have thought i was horsing around. Thanks guys! Will never forget this.

Part 2:
Part 3:
A weak and fast Birthday rape at Suntec City Sky Garden. Thanks to nick by ending it
with a chopstick stab in my nose.
Had a financial calculator given as a gift by these guys.
I would like to thank:
1) Evonne Lau for organising everything. You are simply the best. Thanks for the wonderful
scrapbook you made. Certainly made with lots of love. Amazing craft work.
"you are like the best "craft-women" man"
2) Friends everyone of you guys who went down to celebrate my birthday with me
(names are per mentioned above)
PS: I will be looking forward to nick's birthday.

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