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This blog is maintained by Evonne and Don who got together on 20 November 2004

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To be married
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Sunday, June 1, 2008

held at Island Resort@ECP..
Block D Unit 11..
arrived at around 7pm after some tedious walk with uncle Don to ECP..
hang around cracking our brains with what to write on the guestbook and the Banana card..
ppl who were there are her primary school, secondary school, JC, uni friends and her family....
dun see all of us like all guai guai... everybody can really drink sia..
cos we got her this cool game of roulette..
so the rule of the game is to drink the shot whenever you hit the number..
first two rounds still okay cos we drank the vodka with mixer..
after that was hell... we drank all the shots vodka neat!
even drank like vodka mix beer..
WOAH! hiong arh..
den after that still change the rules such that if the number hits either your birth date or month must drink..
somehow or the other, keep spinning the number 21.. so all the ppl who already turned 21 have to drink..
so the game ended when we finish the whole bottle of vodka..
wah I think me and Uncle Don down like 15 shots each...
HAHAHA!! but never drunk lah.. only abit floaty and quite high!!
lol.. so after that no more liquor le..
ppl started to go home..
left jy,jx,bel,kenny,don,me..
had several rounds of mahjong and tonnes of dai-di (asshole style)..
man... never sleep the whole nite..
up till 6am, we ordered Mac breakfast delivery..
so after breakfast everybody cannot take it, just all check out and zao home to sleep..
let pics do some talking..

pretty deco done up by bel and the lovely Mickey drawn by jy's brother..

the NUS chem clique and the birthday girl..

the very pretty cake from Coffee Bean & Tea Leafs..

JY with the giant Banana card.. the Banana card made by Uncle Don..

the game of drinking roulette... shiong arh!!!

a game of serious dai-di... and the 6 of us after a sleepless night+lots of dai-di-lots of mahjong+vodka+beer..

haha... nice party Jing Ying.. Happy 21st birthday once again!

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