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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Went on an Ubin trip on Sunday.
Yup, led by my dad and my uncle who knew the place all so well.
Bike rental is cheap on that island at $2 for a day.
So we cycled around and into the dirt road of ubin.
We were basically led around by my uncle who brought us to secret
durain and mangosteen trees spots. So familiar is he to those trees that
he can recognise which are the healthier ones.
Ubin is definitely a good place to be if you want to break free from the
city life and just chill out in an all so relaxing kampong lifestyle.
Well, that is if the sun don't beat down harsh on ya, like she did on my stay there

For those who know ubin as a place to pick durains, do note that the season for
harvest starts in July - August. Visiting the place now will only bring you unriped
fruits. Don't worry about bringing gallons of water as the occasional local huts do sell
ice cold drinks.

Heres some shots taken on the trip:
Some scenery found in ubin and couple of macro insect shots.

Should never leave home without your straw hat.
Harvest of the day. Sadly those are unriped fruits that cannot be eaten yet.
Oh and a lucky shot of a monitor lizard. Have to track it a distance in the
forested area to get a shot at it.

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