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Friday, May 9, 2008

So i did another ballerinas for Xueli this time as a birthday gift to her.

Here it is:

We met up to celebrate Xueli's belated birthday. Thanks Xueli for the treat at Swensen@ Compasspoint.

Did not bring my camera so i had to resort to stealing pictures from Kaiqing's blog.


For the record, i was scratching my neck when this picture was taken. Seriously.

Kaiqing and Xueli the birthday girl!

Peng Siang and I ate burgers. Don't think you guys can see from these pictures but his burger was twice the size of mine.

Booyah! Earthquake. Looks good at the start but was a diaster at the end.

Yup! thats Xueli, so "Happy" (happy birthday to you~). An Admin and Admin Assistant at the same time.

So we chatted till most of the shops in Compasspoint were close and manage to snap some pictures. (pictures are again stolen from Kai qing's blog)

The Band of Temp Clerks.
Sad huh? We came in together on 18 Feb 08 but we never get to leave the company at the same time. Glad we made good friends during this time. Stay in contact ya.

Yup, i'll post more pictures when Jeremy send them to me or i'll just go rip them off his blog when he post them.


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