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Monday, May 19, 2008

first trip to Changi Airport T3!!hahaha not part of the original plan but it was fun anyway..
anywhere with air con is cool cos of the buay tahan-ly HOT weather!!
i was like a tourist snapping pictures away...
T3 is HUGE..
like the width of the airport is further than my house and dear's house!!
and the lifts are super redundant.. unless for the disabled..
cos can just take the escalator..
the concept of the viewing gallary of the departure hall is really weird..
like u cannot go into it but you are like viewing animals in the zoo..
except with air con..LOL
T3 is like a shopping arcade.. like with NTUC supermarket and all..
and quoting me: "coming to T3 is like going to town..."
cos all the F&B outlets are similar to what you get in town..
there's like TCC, Mac, Harry's, Secret Recipe, Ya Kun, Crystal Jade blah blah blah...
so if on a really hot weather...
with nth to do..
hope on a bus with your laptop and wallet (with money) to T3...
it's a great place to chill..

yay!! T3...

i like this Meeting Point Sign..

more signs..

Departure Hall.. wish I was going on a trip...

3-Top.. where the viewing gallary is..
GIANT fan.. spinning and spinning..

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