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Thursday, April 17, 2008

went food hunting with Sihong today..
the two greedy pigs went for Laksa steamboat along Telok Blangah road!!
the restaurant caught our eye while we were riding on the bus..
so today go had to go and try!!
well first of all, the restaurant had more waitress than the number of diners..
( 4 waitress and 2 diners, that's us!)
LOL!! the food was really okay but we thought it was expensive..
3 hotdogs for 3 bucks!! and really be cheaper lah..
like we only ordered some mushrooms, beehoon, chicken, dumpling, fishball, cockles and it was $11 per person...
it could be really be better if it is buffet.. den can have prawns and stuff..
we couldn't even order fish cos a plate cost $10!! LOL>>
but having laksa steamboat was really my first time..
so overall rating is 2.5/5..
i can forsee more food hunting trips with Sihong..
the two tan chi gui...
the pics shall elaborate on the steamboat itself..

the steamboat.. half laksa and half qing tang.. really should have ordered whole pot laksa.. nicer!

the ingredients for the steamboat.. see so meagre...

the first bowl of yummy laksa steamboat..

the photo of bloody cockles.. quite er xin actually..

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