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This blog is maintained by Evonne and Don who got together on 20 November 2004

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Recently, i had to work overtime for a "data verification project" for my company, and overtime meant working till the next morning. Take yesterday for instance, i worked from 11am to 6am the next day. I must say it was a good learning experience for me.

Part of me wanted to slack off but when i saw how hard the rest were working, it made me stay.
And through it i felt this little sense of happiness.

Happiness because I felt like i was part of some "cool" project.In fact, i was part of a team!

I always wanted to have a team. You know? Like a design crew or something? And through the night of overtime, at little moments of hallucinations, i did imagined... instead of verifying data and numbers we are working on a big time design project. All of us working so hard just to create a masterpiece for the company. My design company btw..ha. (too much coffee i guess)

I also proved that i can actually work and endure through the night. Thats testing the limit of your body for ya..

you know when you lost track of time when you say:
" Hey, guess what day is today? its Wednesday (12am-6am). Then guess what day is tomorrow?
its Wednesday (normal working hours) again!"

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