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Friday, October 30, 2009

school is getting tough day-by-day.
can't wait for exams to be over.

I have got a little plan to exercise.
Hee* sniggers.

Recently, these are the songs I love!

Lady Gaga's new album!!!!
Every single one of her songs just so catchy! Excellent music!

Bad Romance (no MV, this sudio clip is HQ):

No Way (no MV, this sudio clip is HQ):

Alejandro (no MV, this sudio clip is HQ):

Finally, something romantic that I have been adhering to!
It's Park Bom with You and I.

Dear say she's cute, which is true.
Wonder if she's plastic, though many Netizens say she is..
Whether or not, she's hot!!!! ~~~

Park Bom - You and I:

I want to go Harbin... for winter!!!

-the end-

♥ UncleDon & AuntieVon Scribbled ♥

Saturday, October 17, 2009

my back is aching again..
am I ageing??

i can't seem to leav this few items for the past 2 weeks:
MS Excel
GC-MS POSTRUN software
LC-MS data
Web of Science
Certified Reference Materials
I am only one presentation down, really got no time..
Dear has really got it worst..
But then everybody has their own set of problems..
if you face it squarely, you might be able to resolve it..
JIAYOU. this word seems to be losing it effect after so long..
But we all gotta hang in there.!

you say "dun worry"..
really can "dun worry" meh?
it's hard when you know the stakes are high.


anyway, as I always tell JY,
there's always a little bit of time to go surf the net and do some totally unrelated stuff!!
really depends on how you do it HAH!!

so as usual, it's checkin' up on some videos and sharing it on this space!

Lee Min Ho's Dunkin' Donut 20 sec ad:

I think this CF is much cuter, why dun we get such ads in SG!!!!

Some cool releases!!!

Tae Yang - Where U At:

SHINee - Ring Ding Dong (링딩동):

Sequel to Epik High's "Wannabe" called "High Technology":

My remarks is Oh my gosh.... But the monster has a nice stomach...

I hate surface science!!!!!!!!!
If this is the module that is going to cost me an A-,
then I am really so gonna regret taking this.

I rather read CRMs,
although it's equally dry,
I am trying my best!
so funnie!!

-the end-

♥ UncleDon & AuntieVon Scribbled ♥

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Just read WT's and JY's blog entry,
so coincidental, both to be on looks, both past and present.

and so coincidentally, Dear & I attended a friend's sister's weeding where they showcased old photos of them since they were young.
Dear exclaimed that he must go dig all those old photos when his time comes,
While I had the anxiety of showcasing my old look.

When I confessed to him,
He even laughed at my hair-style( no style at all).
so bad.

See la,
I dun think anybody can win me in terms of my old school look!

Would love to put some photos here, but most of them are hard copy.
so can't "showcase" my lovely BOOMZ look here...

e-learning makes workload accumulate..
although I have been accumulating it myself,
so I got nobody to blame.

The only thing I like about it is that I get to copy what the lecturer said at my own leisure.
So leisure until I took close to 3hrs to complete CM4261 webcast!

time for school again tmr.
Shiet my data is still undone!

-the end-

♥ UncleDon & AuntieVon Scribbled ♥

Friday, October 9, 2009








eyes go blur and mind go blank.


Lucky mid-terms are over.

ONLY left with 3 presentations, 2 reports, 1 online quiz to hand in.

Oh ya, University declared e-learning week, resulting in 3 webcasts to follow-up.

WOW, so little things to do right.

start doing doing doing.

never never ending.

Dear been busy too. Very long nvr see him le.


Rats wun be coming until I dunno when.

Hope it comes.

If not what will happen? I dunno.


Great songs to listen to this week:

Zin Tae Hwa - Fallen Angel
NIce concept of MV.

Dream Group from 4 minute, After School, Brown Eyed Girls & Kara collaboration:

And I always LOVE MC Mong, another one song and MV that did not fail me:

SNSD & f(x) did an advert for LG's Chocolate HP:
Preview of the CF, btw that's f(x) songs debuting I think.

No LOusy Good huh hahaha...

The song is available in electronic pop version (2NE1) or the retro-pop version (SNSD), personally prefer the electronic pop version...


Meanwhile, I want to sleep by 2AM.

-the end-

♥ UncleDon & AuntieVon Scribbled ♥

Saturday, October 3, 2009

too lost so I broke down.

It's when you realise you are at the edge of the cliff, you got no where to go but to jump.

A single word of comfort from you can make it so much better.

Week 8 is coming. Cramped with 2 mid-terms.
Environmental is the worse.
It's open book but so wad?
There's a stack of journals and compendiums and EPAs to read,
but you can't copy cos it's smth called PLAGARISM.

Week 9 , 10 , 11.




FYP is not for the faint hearted.
It takes strength and patience.
Forgive me if I was ever blunt, curt, fierce, indifferent, pissed to you.
It was probably just my (another) BAD day.

been la-ta all week.
ever since recess week.
wearing specs to school!
JY says," once we start, we will go downhill"
HAHAHA i think it's true!!


Dear managed to get his hands on a new laptop.
The Sony Vaio Z45.

Pictures credit from Sony, compiled by a.Von.

Cool beans!
IT's really such a nice laptop.
Weighing only 1.5kg with a 6-cell battery on!

IF you ignore the price!
HAHA, but seems like he is much enjoying it.
and protecting it.
Currently, the foam sheet is still in place.


Love web-caming with Dear.
Lovely end to my day.

It's 4 minute this week for me and Dear:

-the end-

♥ UncleDon & AuntieVon Scribbled ♥

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I am back to blogging again.
I hate Sundays.
Cause I can't get much done.

Tuition sucks up half a day.
And I got a box of cookies from them since they just had their Hari Raya.
There's pineapple tarts, almond cookies, honey cornflakes etc..

Currently, the F1 is just vrooming on the TV set.
While I am addicted to MouseHunt, Youtube and basically the Internet.

If you realised this logo today on your Google page,
it's because it's Google's 11th Birthday!
Since I love to google,
I wanna wish Google a Happy 11th Birthday!!

Been eating alot of Mooncake.
I feel like I have gained WEIGHT!!
Alarming news!
I should stop eating too much, already can feel my tummy and face bloating up.
Weighing balance doesn't register a weight gain but I know it's an error.

Anyway, my hands are always itching to get my hands on stylish stuff.
My wardrobe is kind of running dry ( actually already ran dry).
Recently, been into

Korean fashion

They just look effortlessly stylish.
Is it the face or what?

I want their heels, their colourful tops, their outerwears, their skinnies, their boots, their large tote, their hair, their skin, their accessories EVERYTHING!!

Dun worry, I won't go for a plastic surgery!
OOPs, just kidding.! ~

Their stars on stage wear super nice clothings that I lust so much after.
Even if casual, they become stylish.

credits to ELLE.

credits to 2ne1 official website.

I just love the girls from f(x).
They ooze feminity and style all at once.
Not to mention they are tall.
Wadever they wear, is nice.
And how come they can still dance so well, when they are already all dressed up?

Still very much in love with layering my clothes!

IF the weather allows!

credits to allkpop.com

I like this photo by After School.
They are gonna do a shoot for Dressed to Kill.
Bloody site could not be entered.
If not more photos would be available.

Their skinnies are like perfect for their legs.
Not an inch of extra material.
Awwwww ~ totally not lab-ish!

credits to allkpop.com

Something for the guys too!

Lee Min Ho did a shoot for ATTIC from S.T.A.d.
The Vespa is nice.

Pictures credit to gongjunim.wordpress.com

He also did a shoot for Trugen Fall Collection.

Pictures credit to gongjunim.wordpress.com

Anyway, Smokey eye makeup is the latest in Korea right now.
And I am not only talking about the girls doing it.
Check out the guys.

Pictures credit to gongjunim.wordpress.com

And if you remember the Casa Beer Ad, Lee Minho did his eyes in the groovy way too!
Compare the before and after!

Pictures credit to gongjunim.wordpress.com

And I love outerwear!!!
But Singapore's weather is like, the most unsuited to wear outerwear, unless you have an aircon enviroment.
Outerwear just makes everything much more "not sloppy"!

Whenever you can't think of what to wear,
go with an outerwear and you can't be wrong!

Love the picks by 2ne1 for 11st online store!

Been really tempted to shop at GMarket Korea.
Gosh, but it's like in USD and plus shipment.
I have no confidence.

am gonna buy the NUS pullover!
Dear wants a piece too!
HAHAHA I dare him to wear to school!
So red for him, and Olive Green for me perhaps?

f(x)'s LaChaTa:

I should get back to my readings.

Meanwhile, I shall attempt a sloppy look to school.
and try not to look sloppy.

-the end-

♥ UncleDon & AuntieVon Scribbled ♥

Friday, September 25, 2009

Recess week came. and went.

so fast. I spent EVERY single day in lab.
9am to 6pm.

I am like so tired that I my head is empty even though my hands are moving.
Just the other day, I forget to cap the centrifuge cap.
Lucky my samples are intact.

And I wash my hands and dried my hands with paper,
intead of throwing away the paper,
I threw away my handphone pouch which was in the other hand.

in lab, u gotta be alert.
If not, in the end I will get nothing.

I missed Timbre on Tuesday.
Spent a loving evening with my kidneys and livers in the biosafety cabinet.
128 samples.
Painstakingly dried, loving cut and tediously packaged.
I want to eat the pizza.
Hai. I am always so suay.
They just had to come and renovate the shit on that day.
Ended up at home 11PM, shagged.

Woke up next day 6AM.
Travel to sch to collect samples.
Travelled to NIE to prepare samples.
Travelled back to sch to continue lab.
Never ending never ending never ending work.

I feel so lagged compared to peers.
Sometimes you just hate waking up in the morning.
It happens to me.
Here's a few reasons:

(a) 2 mid-terms, 1 assignment, 1 presentation, 2 projects to do BUT no time.
(b) endless readings to do BUT no time.
(c) never ending tired-ness BUT no time.

Side track,
there are really people who annoy you.
No matter what comes out from their mouth,
they just annoy me.
Is it I suay to always let u catch OR
are you simply too alert?

just finish drawing my assingment (111)-(4x4).
too tired to continue and too tired to think of how to write it.
I dun even understand it in the first place.

Here's some videos to watch:

Nice dance moves in that football attire,

dun really particularly like the group but the song is addictive.

another groovy song to get your day going:

mental note to self:
be more alert and be more independent.

jie mei says:
be more optimistic, if not life will be difficult until cannot tahan.

off to bed.

-the end-

♥ UncleDon & AuntieVon Scribbled ♥